Thursday, December 1, 2011

"World's Greatest Christmas Cookies" 

A Sweet Collection of Recipes, Tips & Decorating Ideas, and Inspiration for the Season [Spiral-Bound] By Nanette Anderson, per NetGalley (Amazon lists Rebecca Currington as the Author) in association with Snapdragon Group

What can I say about this book?  Mmmmmm!  Every recipe in this book sounds so delicious!  I happen to LOVE special Christmas cookies from other countries as they are very different tasting than the regular American “traditional” Christmas Cookie.  Take for instance, Krumkake Cookies!  (I did not see this cookie in this book, but I am using it for an example as many of you undoubtedly have had this cookie during the holidays sometime.  There is a special appliance is sold at all department stores in order to make this cookie, as it is a very common cookie, but from another country. It can be molded into a cone with a special tool and filled with a filling or not, or, made as a circle and eaten like that.  I used to have the special appliance to make these cookies and I made them every year!  I never would have found this cookie if someone had not bought a book like this one!  They happened to get this recipe from a book just like this one!  A GREAT holiday addition to ‘any’ kitchen for anyone who likes to bake christmas cookies and expand their recipes with cookies from around the world!  Foreign countries have very different ways of baking cookies, using different spices in their cookies, and traditional cookies true to their own countries.  The taste of cookies from other countries can also be very original as well, as compared to that of the American tradition.  This is a great way to introduce a new christmas cookie into your traditional ones you already make   year after year.  I HIGHLY recommend this book!  This book also makes a perfect gift for the Christmas cookie baker in your family as well!  Another GREAT gift idea from me to you!
I received this book for “FREE” from Barbour Publishing, through NetGalley, through their Book Reviewer’s Program in exchange to read and write a review about this book.  It is NOT required for my review I write to be either positive or negative, but, “of my own opinion.”  I was NOT provided with “ANY” monies to accept this book, “NOR” to read it, NOR were “ANY” monies given to me to write the review for this book.  All that was ‘expected’ of me was to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it.  Again, the opinions expressed for and about this book are ‘of my own opinion’.  I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

You can purchase this book for yourself OR as a gift through Amazon (as a book or an ebook also!) by clicking in the box to the left just below here!  Think Christmas!

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