Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Break Reading Challenge - Day 7 already!

Today we are supposed to pick our FAVORITE character of the year, out of ALL the books we have read this year!

I am going to pick the book I just wrote about in pictures the other day!
The book is called "Christmas at Harrington's" by Melody Carlson
(I am now reading one of her other Christmas books called "The Christmas Bus")
I really do like this author quite a bit!  Her main characters in her books seem very strong, which I like a lot!  
Lena, in Christmas at Harrington's, has a really TOUGH TIME, just being released from prison, and having to readjust to the outside world and make her way trying to find a job.  Her EX-husband was a minister at a church, and she was the 'Preacher's Wife'.  SHE was accused of embezzlement when you KNOW it was her EX!  SHE was the one who was blamed and had to serve time in prison for HIS embezzlement.  She couldn't fight it. Her own father was a minister as well, and HE believed HER HUSBAND!  Her husband always accused Lena of wanting 'worldly goods' and more, when she simply wanted to buy a house with an inheritance she received, instead of renting.  He put her down endlessly.  Since she had a degree in Accounting, her husband made sure he got her hands in the books, so you KNOW it was him!   She could NOT fight the charges against her. She had NO money, NO family to back her up, and even her friends turned their backs on her.  Everyone believed her husband.
Well, let me tell you about this character.  I LOVE her strength!  After being released from prison, she had to face MANY people with the name, 'Ex-Con' attached to her.  She had to stand up to people and be strong.  An older lady befriended her on the bus as she was going to her new town to live in.  She explained to her what happened, and this woman accepted her.  It was quite a different story when this woman invited her to her home for dinner one Sunday afternoon.  Her son cornered Lena and accused her of trying to take advantage of his mother.  Lena stood up to him so well!  She can stand up for herself, strongly, now!  When people started to learn she was an ex-con, she had to stand up to them for herself!  She did a great job of it!  Even when she moved to a city she had NEVER heard of, guess what?  The was an ex-parishioner from the church who accused her of embezzlement from, in the NEW city she moved to!  Of course, that woman wrote to the boss of her new job she got, as Mrs. Santa, and she was fired immediately. 
She went to the local library and read books to the children, and guess 'who' was there? That ex-parishioner!  She took a verbal lashing so hateful about her, and when she talked back, she just shone!  This character stood up for herself SO well!  She never let anyone put her down!  I guess after spending 5 years in prison, that would definitely help you stand up for yourself!  
No matter what came Lena's way, she was able to stay standing on her own two feet, regardless of the situation.  This strength she had is what really saved her and helped her make her way in life.
I love characters/woman who are strong and can stand up for themselves.  To be able to face people in times of adversity and come out shining!  To be able to take on any situation and turn it into a positive when other characters are trying to be so negative!  To NOT allow people to walk all over them!  Melody Carlson, this books Author, is really one to watch for great strength in characters!

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