Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanks to our Sponsors of this challenge Edifying and Egdy!


Wow!  Day 15 already of this Challenge!  I have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this Challenge with Julie and Karin! They are two WONDERFUL people!  You really should get to know them better! Make SURE you click on the link above under the banner and visit their site OFTEN!  They are very special people!  Very caring and a LOT of fun!
Today they want us to talk about our goals we are setting for ourselves for 2012!
Goal #1:  Set and DO "Realistic" things!  I would LOVE to set some LOFTY goals and do ALL kinds of wonderful things, but I have to stay realistic!  I have done some things on my blog that I have really learned from, such as not being able to keep up with, such as Follow Fridays, and some other things.  I could not keep up with those on a weekly basis.  I tried, and learned a LOT about myself and blogging!  What I learned is I LOVE to read and write my reviews on BOOKS the most, so with that in mind, I AM going to keep my feet on the ground, and focus on that for the main part!  NOT to get distracted with the things I know I cannot keep up with and set goals I KNOW I 'can' accomplish, but push myself a little more at the same time!  We ALL go through growing pangs with our Blogs, learning the difference between what we can and cannot do, and since I have learned this, that is what I am going to do!  The things I WANT to do, knowing in the back of my mind what I am able and not able to do.   
Goal #2:  To do things I really WANT to do, again, KNOWING the difference between what I can and cannot do, within my limits!  To search out for those things I WANT to do!  We all go through growing pangs while doing our Blogs.  For instance, the other day we were challenged to find Reading Challenges by searching the net.  I did that and I have NOT STOPPED!  I have succeeded in finding some GREAT Blogs along the way!  I HAVE found several Challenges that 'do' fit my reading tastes, which I otherwise may NOT have found had it not been for THIS Challenge!!  YEAH!!  I have been working on those today some more!  I set up a new page with 2 of the Challenges I will be working on, and I have 2 more I am going to set up there as well!  I will be including 'this' Challenge for next year if the Host it, again!  I'm VERY excited about this!  Just think, if Julie and Karin had NOT set that as a Challenge, would I have put so much time and effort into seeking these Challenges I've SO wanted to participate in and most likely given up.  I probably would have given up!  So my #1 GOAL is to continue to push myself and NOT give up on the things I want to do!  Follow through!
GOAL #3:  Search out the Reading Challenges and other things I come across I really want to do!  Post them and follow through on them!  I have done so easily on Goodreads, but not as good with some others, such as learning we must post an Update Monthly!  I will be doing that now for sure!
Goal #4:  Visit the Blogs I like a LOT MORE than what I have been.  To take the time to really get to know the authors of the Blogs I have come across and LOVE!  Google Reader really gives up GREAT updates, and I am going to keep up with that!  I LOVE Google Reader!  Don't you?!
Goal #5:   I have chosen 4 Social Networks to work with and NOT add more!  I have come across MANY Social Networks, MORE than I can handle!  I think we ALL have found ourselves in this position!  There are SO many!  TOO many to keep up with!  I have found the ones I LOVE the most and I am sticking with them, exclusively!  The Social Networks I LOVE and will ONLY be working with are Twitter, Google+, Goodreads (of course!!), and just a little on Facebook.  I am going to try to get everyone on Facebook to come over to Google+!  I LOVE Google+!  I think it is "THE" WAY TO GO!  You can personalize Google+ UNLIKE Facebook!  Google+ is also integrated as part of our Blogs, and I want to MAINLY stick with it! Don't YOU LOVE GOOGLE+!!! 
Goal #6:  If I need to change/alter my goals as I go, I WILL!
Again, HUGE thanks to Karin and Julie at Edifying and Edgy!
I just may NOT have actually written these goals down on my Blog had it NOT been for them!  THANK YOU TO YOU BOTH!  YOU ARE AWESOME!

A quick edit! 
Goal #7:  Learn how to make my OWN button for MY blog!!  Also learning how to do this will pave the way for being able to make other buttons/banners I may need or want along the way!
Goal #8:  Like Karin, I want to learn Photoshop!  I have ALWAYS used Printmaster, but it 'seems' that Photoshop is used by MANY MORE PEOPLE.  I think I need to follow everyone with 'this' program! I just hope I like it 'as much as' I LOVE Printmaster!
Thanks again! 


  1. Wow! Way to go with your goals Laurie. And way to branch out! Love it!

  2. Julie,
    Thanks! It's thanks to YOU for suggesting us to do these things with this Challenge! Otherwise, I may NOT have actually 'written them down'! They would have been 'in my head', but we know what happens when we do that! We FORGET THEM!! Thanks for having us make a Blog POST for this! A GREAT way to go back and reread our GOALS FOR THE YEAR!
    Thank YOU!!

  3. Julie and Karin,
    At (Everyone - go VISIT them! They are AWESOME!!)
    I am SO grateful to you both because I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS!!
    You two are the MOST CREATIVE PEOPLE I KNOW!!!
    Thank you for making me s t r e t c h my abilities!!
    I look forward to doing this AGAIN, NEXT YEAR!!
    Of course, keeping in contact throughout the year, STILL, as well!!
    You two ROCK!!
    Happy New Year!!

  4. I used to use Printmaster. PhotoShop is way more complicated. I want to take a class of something. Great goals. I think half the battle is writing it all down

  5. Karin,
    You are RIGHT!! The hardest part IS writing it ALL down!!
    I do LOVE Printmaster!! I may use that again! You are right - there are classes to learn HOW to use PhotoShop! WHY should we need to take a class to learn HOW to use a program? It should be "user-friendly"!!
    I vote PrintMaster!!! Now, if ONLY I could find the disc!!! LOL!!!


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