Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Break Reading Challenge - Day 5
Today we have to Creat-A-Cover of a Book!  We had to go to several places to generate a name for the book, an Author's name, a photo, and put it all together and write a synopsis of a book.  We are supposed to go to Simply Linked, but I have NO CLUE where or what that website is???  I did not do that step as I have no clue about that???  If anyone knows, please let me know in the Comment Section, please!!  Thanks!
Here is what I came up with for my book and synopsis!

Surfer/Swimmer, Carol Ann, was waiting to meet her friends at the beach for one final get-together before she started her new job.  While waiting for them, she decided to let her inner-child out to play.  She jumped up on the monkey bars, the double rings, the swings, and more.  She was having a great time as she was lost in the good memories of her childhood. She could not help but to compare this to her fondness of surfing and swimming because she still felt like she was gliding through the air.  She realized by doing this she was where she first got her desire to glide through the air.  If felt so freeing.  This must be why she liked to surf and swim so much.  She felt like she was gliding.
Her one friend caught up with her, and she was laughing at Carol Ann.
"You never can sit still, can you Carol Ann?" laughed Sadie.
"Nope!" said Carol Ann.
Sadie said that Mary was here too, but she stopped off at the concession stand to get them all something to drink.  
Carol Ann got off the double rings, sweating.  "Boy it's hot out here", she said.  Sadie, joking around, laughed at her.  "If you could just sit still for five minutes you wouldn't be all sweaty and hot.  What are you going to do when your Monday through Friday, nine-to-five job starts in the newsroom this Monday?"  
"I'm not so sure." said Carol Ann.  This was a concern of hers.  She knew she could not sit still, and was trying to decide if this was the job for her.  She had to look towards the future, when she would be promoted to journalist.  Once she was a journalist, she would be free to go and report on things she wanted to, to a degree.  She would be free, then, to glide.  Free to glide from assignment to assignment.  She was looking forward to that part of her future job.  To start in the newsroom, hmmm?  She would think of something to keep herself busy.  Perhaps the gym in the morning before work, or a run through the park?  Her hair was long on purpose so she could throw it up in a pony, one less step to do in the morning and one more thing she could do physically before work.
"So Sadie, what are you going to do now that you have graduated college?" Carol Ann asked her.  "I'm not so sure yet.  I have a lot of possibilities.  The hard part is choosing one."
By this time, Mary came walking up with their drinks to the picnic table the girls had chosen to sit at.  Mary announced she got a job.  "Where?" both Carol Ann and Sadie asked her.
"I got a job as a Receptionist in a Doctor's office, for now.", she answered.
"A doctor's office?" Sadie asked.  "That is not you, nor what you went to school for.  What happened to Accounting?"  "Well, that will have to wait.  Right now I need a job to pay the rent right away.  I have not been able to find a job in Accounting without experience yet.  Everyone wants experience.  I don't know what I'll do about the experience part." explained Mary, as her eyes watched some guys walking past the girls on the beach.  "Let's go swimming", said Mary.
"Yeah, right!", Carol Ann called out.  "We know what you really want!".  Mary went running towards the waves rolling up on the beach, while Sadie and Carol Ann stayed sitting on the picnic table laughing with each other.
Come follow these three women who have just graduated college, are on their first adventures of getting jobs in the real world, men and relationships, and what these girls' futures hold as they glide through life together.


  1. Simply Linked is the LINKY TOOL Edifying and Edgy uses for US to LINK our Posts to their site! DUH!! me!!!!

  2. Well glad you figured it out Laurie! Thanks for participating today!

  3. Wow, Laurie! Those creative juices are really flowing!

  4. Carey Jane Clark,
    Thanks for coming by my blog! I LOVE getting creative and 'this' Holiday Break Reading Challenge IS right up my alley! I am LOVING it!! I am going to participate EVERY day! I hope to find MORE like this! It is a LOT of fun! I am VERY glad edifyingandedgy.com sponsored this and that I found it! Have you ever participated in one of these? I have participated in another one, but it was NOWHERE 'NEAR' as FUN!! Again GREAT thanks to Edifying and Edgy!
    Please let me know if YOU find any reading challenges out there for this year! If YOU like them as well, I will let you know, too! You can always reach me by commenting here on my Blog, or by email!
    I'm SO glad you came by, again!
    Hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!
    Now, on to the NEW Year!! Wow!! 2012! I remember when I was a teenager, and thinking about the year 2000, and how old I would be, if I would have kids, if I would be married, all that stuff! 2000 came VERY quickly! How time flies! For example, now Christmas is OVER!! Wow!
    I always feel a let-down after Christmas is over. It starts Christmas evening. ALL the shopping and preparation, and the day gets here and it's over as FAST as it came.
    My kids DID come!!! YEAH!!!! Even my daughter!! Wow! She had a little attitude, but she got over it until the next morning! She is NOT a morning person! NEVER has been!
    She had to leave a few hours later as she had to go back to work today. She works at Subway, and they do 'quite' a business! It's amazing how much business they do! Although, they DO have GREAT food!
    Do you remember Tubbies Submarines? I've only seen it '1' other time, and now it went out of business again, but I miss their sauce they used to have for their subs!
    Thanks again for coming by!
    Again, keep me posted for MORE reading challenges!
    Happy New Year!
    Laurie Carlson


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