Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Break Reading Challenge Day 3
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Today's activity requires you to create a sentence or poem out of the books you have on your shelves. The main words for the sentence must come from the book titles, but you can add a small word or two in order to help it make sense if you need to. Just put your added words in [brackets]. You can use as many book titles as you want, but use at least 3.

OKAY!!!  I am going to use the pile here on my desk!  I can't get a photo of the book pile, but I can list the photos of the books from Amazon!  May as well provide the links to purchase them so you can buy them if you'd like to!

Here goes!!  If only I could turn this pile around and ADD the NAMES of the books!  Not to mention what is in my Kindle, but I am going to leave those out because I have over 330 books in there!!!  OH MY!!  
I have to have SO much dental work done in January, that I'm going to become a HERMIT for the month!  I'm going to batten down the hinges and just hibernate with my books!  And, live on a liquid diet!!  YUCK!!!  Although, think of the weight I can lose!!  I just might look like I did about 8 years ago!!!  BEFORE this neuro disease hit me and landed me on my bum!  Hubby will like that!!  Ooooh weeee!
Alright!!!  Here goes!!!!

Alison Wonderland, Down From Cascom Mountain, (heard) Treasures from Grandma's Attic, Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic, (Found)  Deadly Reunion (and) The Doctor and the Diva Shoot the Wounded, Heal the Wounded (with)
The Mercy, Redeeming Love, The Wonder of Ordinary Magic, A Return to Abundance.

You can purchase ANY of these books by clicking on the book icon!  You can choose the book, or the ebook!  Both will be shown!  Have fun reading them!  I will be!
This was a FUN challenge!!!
Can't wait for tomorrow!


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