Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's HERE!!
I wish you and yours, the BEST Christmas EVER!
Remember the reason for the season!
Happy Birthday, baby Jesus!
So, what did Santa bring YOU?

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HBRC Day 10 - Books As Gifts

We all have books that are special to us. Today's challenge is to choose a book or books that you have received as a gift/gifts that mean something special to you.

Okay, my book might seem a little corny, but I have used this book my ENTIRE adult life!  If I didn't have this book, I don't know where I would be today!  You have to understand that when I grew up, my mom did not really 'teach me' HOW to do things like cooking, but she did teach me a few good family recipes.  Mostly, I got books.  So one day BEFORE I got married, that Christmas before, she got me this book!  I really have your interest now, don't i!!  You're really wondering what this book could be!!  LOL!  Although, you probably see the photo below, so . . . it is:

The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, Copyright 1981.  Yes!  THAT old!  I am still VERY young, though, you see!  My copy is tattered and torn!  Pages falling out, stained and has food on it!  It is well used!  My edition has Better Homes and Gardens across the top and in the middle there is a big, blue circle with the words, New Cook Book in white.  It's a nice, 3-ring binder, and I have used it and abused it!  It has come in SO handy, I still find myself using it today, every now and then!  In the front of the book cover, there is a GREAT conversion table called Weights and Measures, info on broiling, Internal Temps for meats, and the back inside cover has Emergency Substitutions, and Ingredient Equivalents.  
Also, there are a number of pages out of order, some not 'in' the three ring binder, just in there loosely, and crunched up from my daughter.  For some reason, when she was little, she HAD to open the binder and take the pages out!  Thank gosh I would go behind her and pick the pages up or else I would not have this book to today! LOL!  Yes, it is still like that!  I just can't bring myself to put it back together as it was so adorable, in her words!
This, has been my FAVORITE, most used, most reliable book I have ever received!
I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS for what is left for the rest of today!
Happy Holidays for the rest of the week, and Happy New Year for the end of this week!  Now I guess it's time to start making resolutions that we all end up breaking!  Do you make resolutions?  I generally do not.  Leave a comment if you do!  I'd LOVE to hear about them!  Even as the week goes on, come on back and leave a comment!

And, here is the link if YOU would like to purchase this book!  It is WELL-WORTH it!  You WILL use this book!  It's a GREAT Wedding Shower gift, even if the person does not 'yet' cook!

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