Thursday, December 1, 2011

   Holiday Break Reading Challenge 
              December 16th to January 1st

Sponsored by: and

This sounds so interesting to me, I want to share this with EVERYONE!  You can decide if you would like to participate or not, but "I" think this sounds like a LOT of fun!  I'm in!  How about you?

If you are interested in signing up to participate in this challenge, please click on the FIRST LINK!  SHE is the one who will be hosting this from HER site THIS YEAR!  I'll post the link here, again!
She has the LINKY form for you to ENTER this Challenge as well!

These two friends have buddied up to sponsor this Holiday Break Challenge for 2011 to 2012 together this year!  I have information from Edifying and Edgy that I have copied and pasted so I can explain what they are doing, what this challenge is, and to help them spread the word!  Currently, there are only 12 participants.  I'm sure they would like more!!  Here is the information from her site:

 For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, here is an explanation.  For 17 days (usually during the Christmas break for most schools) Julie and I will be posting a book related activity every day. You can choose to participate everyday or once or twice during the entire challenge.  It is totally up to you. The Holiday Break Reading Challenge is meant to be fun and low pressure.

There are prizes every day. There will be a Simply Linked at the bottom of every post so you can share your activity entry. We will use to choose a winner each day.

To get an idea of the kind of activities we will have visit the old location.

Some of the activities take longer than others.  Some of the activities require you to be more creative than others.  But, remember, you don't have to participate in all of them.  Just pick and choose.

This year the Holiday Break Reading Challenge will start on
December 16th, 2011 and end on January 1st, 2012.

Prizes and winners will be listed on this website.

So, who is with us? Use the Simply Linked below to sign up.  Let us know you are interested.  Pass the word around.  The more the merrier! For the LINK TITLE just put your name or the name of your blog.  Your email won't be published.  Then, just enter the URL for your blog.

YOU CAN GRAB THIS BUTTON BELOW AT HER SITE IF YOU WANT TO ENTER INTO THIS CHALLENGE!!  It sounds like a LOT of fun to me and I thought it might sound like fun to you, as well!  i wanted to share this with all of you!
The Banner and the Button are SO cute!  I just LOVE them!
Okay - so maybe I will see some of you there!  Hope so!

Again, to sign up and get MORE INFORMATION, please go here: 


  1. Thanks so much for signing up and spreading the word!!!! Can't wait for December 16th!!!

  2. Hi Karin!
    Thanks for stopping by!! You are welcome! I am SO excited to sign up because it sounds like a LOT of fun!!! I LOVE the design of the button!! I wish "I" could figure out how to make a button! Haven't gotten that far yet! One day! My pleasure for spreading the word! It sounds like SO much fun that I wanted EVERYONE who follows ne to know about it!! I hope more people come on over and enter it!
    I can't wait till Deceber 16th, either!! Although, this IS December and I am NOT done Christmas shopping yet!! We have to slow it down a little bit!! Please???? LOL!!!
    Thanks for coming by again!!

  3. Hi Laurie! Thanks so much for spreading the word and being so enthusiastic about our challenge! Karin designed our button because she is way talented like that! Looking forward to December 16th. I've participated in the Holiday Break Reading challenge for a couple of years now and it is so much fun! Hope you think so too!


  4. We welcome anyone that wants to join, but we are usually a small group. We still have fun though.


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