Monday, December 26, 2011

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Today's Challenge:

Today is December 26th, the day after Christmas.  Most of you are probably still busy with family or traveling or plain worn out from all the festivities.  We didn't want to make today's activity too difficult so all you have to do is:  

The Challenge for today is this:

1. Pick up a book you are reading right now.

2. Turn to page 26.

3. Count down the page until you get to line 26. (Get it??? Today is December 26th? Are we clever?)  YES!!!!

4. Create a blog post including the title of the book, a picture of the cover, and your 26th line.

5. If you don't have a 26th line on your page you can either choose a different book, choose the 26th word, or just flow onto the next page and stop when you reach 26. We are flexible. There isn't a HBRC Police Force.

I am reading "The Man in the Cinder Clouds" by Rick Daley.  Actually, I JUST finished it and am getting ready to write a review!  (I have not yet started my next book.)  This book is surely going to become a Christmas Classic!  We need to get it into MORE people's hands to read it and I PROMISE it WILL become a holiday classic! It is about the origin of Santa Claus!  From the beginning when he was a baby!  He is part elf, did you know?

                            "The Man in the Cinder Clouds" by Rick Daley

. . . Elfin law requires human contact!

IF you are interested in reading this 'soon to be Christmas Classic, Rick Daley would LOVE it!!  IF you would like to write a review on this book, you would MAKE HIS NEW YEAR!!  Even if it is AFTER the New Year!!  You can purchase it at the link below!


  1. Thanks Laurie! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I've had the opportunity to read it to a lot of kids in the 2nd-4th grades, and they liked it as much as my adult friends and family. I hope some of your readers get the opportunity to take in one last dose of Christmas spirit before the New Year.

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and have a safe and Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Rick! Wow! Thanks for coming by!
    Oh, I think this book is a book for ALL ages!! I enjoyed it VERY much! Probably JUST as much or MORE than the 2nd-4th graders!! I am hoping to do a full review of the book tonight/tomorrow! I think EVERYONE will enjoy this book! Even us grown-ups! It is 'the spirit' of the holidays! For young an old alike! I 'CAN' see this as a Christmas Classic! It does answer ALL the questions about Santa Claus! One MUST read it to know and understand exactly how and where Santa has originated from as well as the Christmas traditions! From Santa's infancy to his age now! The North Pole, the elves, the complete story of Santa, to be enjoyed by ALL! I think the really neat part is how the story explains how our traditions have changed from what they 'were' to what they are NOW! How leaving out the Evergreen Branch on the fireplace has now turned into the Christmas Tree, and MORE!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    I will send you an email telling you when I post the 'official' review!
    I am SO glad you stopped by! Thank you SO much!
    Thank you, too, for writing the true story of Santa's history to now!

  3. Oh! I'd like to say one more thing! The Christmas Spirit is one that 'should be' celebrated year round! It IS one of the BEST feelings to have! I do believe this story IS one to be read year round and the spirit spread!

  4. Laurie, your enthusiasm is awesome! Sales haven't been off the charts (heck, they're barely on the charts :-) but with the wonderful response its been getting from readers, I'm very happy with it nonetheless.

    I am planning a sequel. I have a lot of twists and turns to throw into the story, plus more untapped Christmas items. The only teaser I'll give is that reindeer will focus more heavily into the story, especially one who wasn't born yet on the first Christmas...

  5. Reindeer - Hmmmm! Funny you should mention that!! As I was reading the book, I was expecting there to be MORE on them!! Isn't that something! Now you're going to write MORE about them! I understood how they had to figure in in the story, how they had to, and hoped them to! I thought they might play more of a part, too! Oh, GOOD!!! They'll get their day!! Plus the other Christmas items! YEAH! Can't wait to see how they work in!!
    Thanks SO much for coming by!
    I'm going to write the review. I got held up here a day or two. I sprained or broke my ankle. I've been icing it today, the first 24 hours, and now starting with heat. My ankle is the size of an orange! I can barely put weight on it. It's been QUITE a challenge today! My son is here and a GREAT help! He is staying later tomorrow than he planned to help me!! Sweetie-pie! He has helped SO much with the dog, letting her in and out, and getting me the ice packs! Talk about pain! OW!
    I stood up last night, took one step, went to take the other and that foot was asleep! Down I went!
    So, I AM writing that review! Just have a little bump in the road to get through first!


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