Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thanks to our Sponsors, Edifying and Edgy

DAY 13

Well, this post WILL BE LATE!!!  I've been searching the Internet and trying to find . . . OH!!!
What is our Challenge for today???
Today we are supposed to find CHALLENGES that we want to participate through the year for 2012!!
I have been diligently searching today for the Challenges I want to participate in!!!  I'm NOT in a rush to post which Challenges I want to participate in because I can't find ALL of the ones I want to do.
Here are TWO that I am going to do:
1.  Goodreads Reading Challenge
2.      An Ebook reading Challenge 
(The Ebook Reading Challenge is sponsored by
What I am really "looking for" is an Adult Fiction Challenge.  I can find YA Challenges ALL OVER the place, but for Adult Fiction, the genre I LOVE to read, I am having the hardest time!!!  So, what I am going to do is continue to look for Challenges until I find some that suit me!!  I am starting to think "I" need to make one MYSELF!!! My problem is prizes.  "I" could not fund the prizes I would need in order to hold a Challenge!  I would need to approach some Authors and Publishers and ask them if they would be willing to donate some books for it.  I MIGHT work on that!!
My question for ANY of you is this: Have YOU ever run a Challenge?  HOW do you approach Authors or Publishers for prizes?  How do you advertise your Challenges?   On the Book Blogs Social Networks?
If ANYONE would know HOW to do this, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!  I would LOVE to Host one!!!
So I m going to continue looking for Challenges that suit my reading taste!!  What I am going to do is come back and EDIT this post as I find MORE Challenges I want to participate in, and more!!
Thanks!!  Let me know if you have any info!!  Appreciate it!!!


  1. Here are some challenges that are generic and can be used with adult titles:


    Also, A to Z Reading Challenge from the Challenged Writers. You'll have to do a google search for that one. It won't let me copy and paste here.

  3. Laurie, I never participated in a challenge, but I'm more than happy to provide you with copies of my books for the prizes if that's something you'd like. According to reviews, both my books are well received (and yes, I'm doing the happy dance with each rating, each review). How about you take a look at them and see if you'd be interested. A World Apart just came out two weeks ago and already has ratings and reviews.

    Warm hugs!

    P.S: how's the ankle?


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