Monday, April 23, 2012

World Book Night! April 23rd, 2012! Welcome NEW Readers!

          April 23rd, 2012! 

What is World Book Night? This is a day/night where Volunteers ALL across the US AND THE UK (and other countries as well, but I don't have a complete listing. This may be found at the website for World Book Night which I will provide in just a moment!) who have offered their time and dedicated it to passing out 20 books that have been specifically chosen by (from the back cover of one of the books) a panel of booksellers and librarians who have carefully and specifically chosen the BEST books they know of, and a MILLION combined copies of free World Book Night US editions have been printed FOR distribution ON April 23rd, 2012. (end) We are told to pass them out NO EARLIER, and it's assumed NO later! They are to be passed out ALL on this date, TODAY, Monday, August 23rd, 2012!

I picked my books up on Saturday at the Port Huron, Michigan, Barnes and Noble.  I received a case of 20 books that was not even opened yet! We DID get to choose the books we had wanted, but I happened to receive a book I did not even choose! They DID have had SO many requests from people! Wow! Oh, well. At least I got books! 

The title I received is an EXCELLENT book! I received "Bloood Work" by Michael Connelly! EXCELLENT book!WW!!Everyone gets 20 books, and WoW! They went FAST when I passed them out! TOO FAST! I had SO much fun doing it I wished I had had MORE books than what I did receive! I had to pass mine out in the daytime because I am in a power wheelchair, so . . . it kind of goes without saying!

These books ARE meant for people who do not read already, to help PROMOTE READING! They are then meant to be passed on to the next person, a friend who is into reading as much as well.

Inside the front and back covers of ALL these books are MORE INFORMATION about this night! You really should check it out! Go to the website, mark your calendars EARLY next year, and ENTER to see if you a chance to see if YOU get chosen to read these books!

Thank you for reading this Post!

Here's the LINK:  

Twitter: Follow them as @wbnamerica If you want to follow World Book Night 2012 - Use the hashtag of #wbnamerica

Facebook: Yes! They ARE on Facebook! As World Book Night! Look them up! Photos of ALL the books they had available and that people will be getting! It's SOOOO exciting!!! Watch YOUR Facebook account, too! If you have anyone YOU KNOW who is sharing in this HUGE event, you might see some Posts about it! 
ALL Volunteers are going to be sharing with Tweets, Facebook and Photos! See what's happening yourself! It's SO exciting!                                                                              



  1. I did this too. I passed out 'The Book Thief' at the local Head Start program in Flat Rock, MI.

    It was fun!

  2. Congrats, Sophia!
    Ooooo! You were on of the lucky ones to get The Book Thief to pass out for World Book Night! Congrats! That was a HARD one to get!
    I'll bet they'll LOVE the book! I sure hope so! "I" love that book!
    Didn't it feel GREAT to hand out free books to people who don't read much?
    Maybe their parents will read the book to them?!!!
    You hit two birds with one stone on that one! The kids can't yet read, so the parents MUST read it to them! 2 people's lives affected by ONE BOOK!
    Love it!
    Thanks for participating, too!


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