Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Puzlebook 102 Puzzle Quizzes by Grabarchuk Puzzles Family - Review

Another 5-Star Puzzle Book!
And, no, I am not just saying that. I mean it. These puzzles are the BEST I have seen on the market. I am truly serious. I have the entire collection of them, and have been playing them, and they are extremely fun, maybe addicting, and I may be a little obsessive playing these things! It's the truth! These are so much fun to play!
This is Puzzlebook of 102 Puzzle Quizzes is Volume 3 in a 3 book collection of puzzlebooks by the Brabarchuk Puzzles Family books. We start off with Puzzlebook 100 Puzzle Quizzes, Puzzlebook 101 Puzzle Quizzes, Puzzlebook 102 Puzzle Quizzes, (this one), and Puzzlebook 303 Puzzle Quizzes, which will be my next review. I will also be doing a review on another book they have, called, "Cut the Shapes", and another one, which I'll keep as a surprise for now! 
This next set of another 100 puzzles are visually stunning puzzles again, and are interactive, meaning you play them either touch screen, or with your 5-way Controller. Again, these are OUTSTANDING! They look beautiful on my Kindle Keyboard 3G with WiFi, in Black and White, and look just as beautiful on the Kindle Fire in color, or, play these puzzles in The Cloud! You can play them  anywhere with The Cloud on any device that has access to it!
I cannot express how much FUN these puzzles are to play! This book makes the 4th book I have reviewed of these Puzzlebooks made by this family, and each one is JUST as brilliant as the previous one! The 4th book was the Easter Puzzles. They just keep getting better, or, I have fallen in love with these puzzles more and more as I keep playing them! These are visual puzzles, and you have to look at them visually to solve them. They use so many different shapes, such as pyramids, matchsticks, pentagrams, boxes, dominoes, and more. I could go on and on with the names of the shapes, but some I would not be able to name! There are so many and are all different  types and shapes of different designs. They are expertly made by a family who specializes in just making puzzles. These are a blast to play!
The neatest thing about ALL of these books is that I have not come across ANY repeats whatsoever! NO puzzles in any of the books are the same. They are ALL different! You will not be purchasing the same puzzles with any of these books. Every puzzle in every book is original. There are no repeats in these books. I feel this is important to inform you of this, after seeing so many of these books that I am reviewing, I don't want you thinking there might just be repeats from book to book. There are NO repeats at all. Every book has ALL NEW PUZZLES! This is great! Plus, each book has 100 puzzles in it. So, for the entire series of puzzles, you get 400 puzzles to solve! Wow! 
This book is the type of book you pick up to play the games to escape life with for a little while! They start out easy and get harder as you go along in the book. This is the fun part about it, seeing how far you can go getting the puzzles correct. Then I play a little game with myself and see how many I can get correct in a row. Just a little game I play with myself! 
Honestly, you cannot go wrong with these books. These books are excellent and a great book to have on your Kindle! Pick one up today, or pick ALL of them up! Here's the link to this book:

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