Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogging from A to Z Challenge - April 2012 - Letter W

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Wednesday, April 24th, 2012
Theme:  Books and Blogging
Subject: Letter "W"
Topic:    "Wish, Wishing"

Have you or did you ever do something, write something, say something in which you wished you had never done it? I do. Have you ever wished a friend did not move away, or a family member or a friend had not passed away? Do you often find yourself wishing a certain date would get here faster than what it is taking to get here? I think we all are ALL guilty of this.
I just want to take a quick moment of your time today to tell you "I wish" . . . 

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  1. I clicked on your link, but couldn't find the rest of your blog. Anyhow, I get your drift. If we didn't wish for things to change or revert, our life would be stagnant. Blog on!


  2. Hi, I was simply checking out this blog and I really admire the premise of the article and this is really informative. I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks

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  3. Hi Francene,
    You couldn't find the rest of my blog? I do know last night Google was acting up. I could NOT sign in. It does look like you got to the first page, though, as you left a comment! All you had to do was in the next sentence below was click on the LINK that was there to read the rest of the article OR click on the TAB ABOVE to go to the page that is dedicated to this Challenge.
    I'm sorry you couldn't find it.
    Thanks for leaving a comment!
    Yes, Blog on!

  4. But even more important is to be confident enough to turn those wishes into realities! Go out and achieve what you wish for!


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