Monday, April 2, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge - April 2012 - "B"

Blogging from A to Z Challenge - April 2012!
Welcome! Here we are Day 2 of our Blogging Challenge!
              Today's letter is 
Books, to me, whenever I see one, I think brings these first thoughts I am writing down because of how I felt about them as a child. When I saw a book, I thought of my father. My father traveled a lot for his job when I was a child, and when he was home on the weekends, I could depend on seeing this tall, smart, wise, protective man, who loved me unconditionally. A man who lit up the moment he stepped foot in the door after being gone for the week and seeing us, his family. This man, who, in the evenings after his shower would not watch television, but instead, he enjoyed what was held between the two covers of a book. I saw the enjoyment he got out of this thing, and knew they held great things for me when I got older. Once I learned how to read, one of the first  books my father would use for me to read out of so he could show me off with how well I could read, and at such a young age, was a TV Guide. My mother also  instilled in me this love of books as well.
Books bring comfort. love, wonderful stories, fun, educational, places to go, new people to meet, and . . . wait, books are kind of like people! Well, whatever! Books are DIVINE!


  1. Reading is one of my favorite past times and I have TONS of books. When we moved to where we currently live, I was so excited because there's a library in our actual development. Then I visited it. And was so disappointed. I think I own more books than they do!! At least there's interlibrary loan. I am trying not to *buy* so many. Are you a member of Paperback Swap? There's a button to it on my sidebar. Saved me lot$.

  2. I agree, books are great! Fun post!

    Found you on a to z, will be back to read more.

    Check out my blog if you have time:


    1. Hi MOV!
      Thank you SO much for coming by AND COMMENTING! I'm very glad you found my Post fun! I'm glad! I WILL go on over and visit your blog and see what you are writing about! I cannot believe the number of people in this! 1,047? Last time I looked? Or was it more? Now I can't remember! I'm glad you are planning on coming back! Hope to see you! I WILL go on over to your blog and see what you have written! I'm interested to see what you are writing about! I'm looking forward to it!
      Thank you, again, for coming AND commenting! It means a LOT when people take the time to comment!

  3. Hi Adena, aka cre82learn!
    I like that! VERY creative! I'm sorry you are so disappointed with your library where you are. Our library, in my opinion, is nothing to brag about either. I think they sink MORE money into the computers there than books! SO many people, the public, go in to use the libraries computers, it is UNBELIEVABLE! Wow! They are ALWAYS filled with people waiting! The books our library has are OLD! When they 'do' get NEW books in, it is ONE copy! That is IT! When you compare OUR library to that of the county next to us, it is NIGHT AND DAY! Ours being NIGHT! LOL! The neighboring counties library is a very modern building, FULL of books! Not ONE copy but MANY copies of each book! (I need to add something about our library - it is the COUNTY library! Not a city library, but the COUNTY library! When it comes time to vote, and IF they have something on the ballot to BETTER OUR LIBRARIES throughout the county, it does NOT necessarily get passed. The ONLY time it passed was when they wanted to INCREASE the computers!! HA, HA! I'm handicapped, in a wheelchair, and I cannot get down the aisles! There is one section with New Releases, which is SAD! As I said, only '1' copy of ANY BOOK! We have what is called "Inner Library Loan System" and that is where we can get ANY book from ANY library in our state - which is Michigan. I wonder if this is why our County Library ONLY ever has '1' copy of any particular book? I don't understand is when "I" have GREAT books to donate, they REFUSE to shelve the book? Why? They are in GREAT condition, so they SELL ALL DONATED BOOKS FOR 25 CENTS!!! What a LOSS! I'm at the point I won't donate the books anymore. I don't understand what they explain to me. They say the book has to be a certain kind of book, a "library edition' in order to even have the book on the shelf. I HAVE gotten books out of the library that have come FROM THE STORE! The inside cover has the purchase price, where a library edition does not, etc. I KNOW they DO purchase books from the bookstore. So I have beautiful books to donate, especially for the Crafts section. The books they have in that section are from the 60's! NO kidding! I DO have an account at! Just like you! I LOVE it!!! Everyone - check it out! It's GREAT!
    Sorry for the length of this reply! Wow! I went on a ROLL about Libraries! MY library!
    I hope the rest of you reading this have a MUCH better library than the one I feel we have! In this Challenge, of course, the Letter L will be about "Library"! That letter will be here before we know it!
    Thank you for leaving a comment! I wish MORE visitors would leave comments!
    Hope you come back for MORE letters in this challenge!
    Thank you again!
    Laurie Here - Contemporary Fiction and MORE! - Book Reviews
    Take care!


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