Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blogging from A to Z Challenge - April 2012

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Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Theme: Books and Blogging
Subject: Letter "K"
Topic:  Kindle

Kindle. How can I have EVER lived without it? I LOVE my Kindle! Do you have a Kindle or other ereading device? Don't you wonder how you have ever lived without it? I do!
I still love the original book, and will always continue to purchase books, but, I LOVE my Kindle! I actually love to read on it MORE so than out of a book. I think the reason is I do have trouble with my eyesight, and when reading out of a book, I need to use a bookmark a few lines below the sentence of where I am reading. I'm used to that by now. When it come to the Kindle, I don't have to do that. I love that. My two sets of double vision don't seem to bother me at all with the Kindle. I am assuming it is the pearl ink. Well, I love it.
The other thing I LOVE about it is it is so much easier to read on instead of . . . 

Want to read the rest of the article? I continue on with some things I don't like about the Kindle as well. If you would like to continue reading my Post, please click on this link here: or, click on the TAB ABOVE called Blogging from A to Z Challenge - April 2012, and scroll down to the letter "K".

See you tomorrow with the letter "L".


  1. I love my Kindle too! (In fact that's what I did my letter K on!)

  2. I love my Kindle! Just purchased it last summer and I'm enjoying it immensely!


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