Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some of my FAVORITE FREE and low-priced Kindle book Blogs! Plus an awesome article I want to share with you!

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Hope you had a GREAT time trying to find those Easter Baskets this morning to see what the Easter Bunny brought you! Are you SURE you found ALL the eggs? Better double-check! It can't hurt! There is usually always ONE still hanging around, and you will find it in July! LOL! I'm serious! It happened in our house one year! Thankfully it was a plastic egg filled with hard candy, and NO ants!
I am in the Blogging A to Z Blogging Challenge, and we don't even have to Post today, and I am still Posting! We get Sunday's OFF - for good behavior! LOL! I guess I just can't stop! No, I found something really NEAT I want to share with everyone!
Today I want to REBLOG an awesome and VERY interesting article with you! You can see the title below. Go on over there and check it out! I would imagine this Blog 'might' do this every month? I'm not sure, as this is the first time I found and visited it! It is a really neat Blog to go to and see who and what books are HOT! I happened upon it today on Google+, if I am remembering this correctly. 
After I posted that, and while I was writing about the FREE books they have listed on their Blog at certain times of the week, and some everyday, I thought I would share with YOU ALL of "MY" FAVORITE Blogs that I go to every day to check out and see what Kindle books are available for FREE OR DISCOUNTED PRICES at! Here they ALL are, and I hope you enjoy this article I have reblogged, and have written! Thanks for stopping by!

      Top 50 Indie Authors for April 2012 
             PLUS 60 Authors to Watch

Website name: 
Kindle Review - Kindle Fire Review - Kindle 4 Review

Great Kindle Blog Article! See the article at the LINK above! It refers to MARCH SALES, yet states these are for April. TYPO??? Unbelievable Kindle book sales by Authors as reported by the Authors themselves! See what books and how many books they sell, their sales, where they rank on the different lists and MORE! VERY interesting article!

I found this Blog to be VERY informative with ALL the Kindle reviews! Also, ALL of the different authors as to where they are on the lists for the certain months along with the information as to how many books they have sold and the cost of their books. This site gives you a GREAT idea as to how much money these authors are making by being INDIE AUTHORS! AMAZING! This is why I wanted to share this Blog with EVERYONE! AMAZING, again!

This Blog also features FREE Kindle books via the Blog or FREE SUBSCRIPTION! Watch your email for notifications for FREE Kindle books! (You will have to set the Wordpress email frequency when the "Verify your subscription" email comes! I marked mine IMMEDIATE. I want to know right away because certain days have certain books for FREE and on certain dates.
This is a GREAT site to get FREE Kindle books!
Check it out!

Another Blog: I did NOT just want to give the name, but the entire Blog address.
This Blog focuses on Christian books. You will see just as many Christian Living books as you will see Fiction, Contemporary, Mystery/Thrillers, and more! Melissa Foster has been highlighted on this blog!  GREAT Blog to visit daily! NOT ALL BOOKS ON THIS BLOG ARE FREE! Just so you know. MANY of them are, but in the NEXT PARAGRAPH, it explains more about this topic of books and prices. PLEASE read it!

Another Blog: Post almost ALL FREE books. They say, and I cannot emphasize this enough - MAKE SURE THE BOOK "IS" FREE! It could change at ANY MINUTE!!! It is YOUR responsibility to make SURE it IS STILL FREE! I have come across some books that have NOT been FREE! Or, the price went UP, etc. So make SURE you check! Even this Blog will tell you the SAME thing!

Another Blog: One of my favorites! - This Blog does NOT have ALL Free books. They state their books are $5 and UNDER! I have found some really super GREAT books on this blog! They 'do' ALWAYS cost some money, but they are under $5.00, most all of the time. I have never seen one book over $5, but there always 'could be'. It is up to YOU to WATCH PRICES! DON'T FORGET THAT!!! It is VERY important!

Again, Happy Easter! Enjoy your day!

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