Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blogging from A to Z Challenge - April 2012

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2012
Theme: Books and Blogging
Subject: Letter "J"
Topic:  "Jack and Jill"

Ah, Jack and Jill. Remember those books? We all, or most of us, at least, first learned to read from those books. Nursery Rhymes. Our parents read them to us often, and I think we may have memorized the rhyming books rather than  actually reading them! In time, though, we did learn how to recognize the letters when we saw them, and learned how to sound out the words from that. What books did you learn to read from?
Some people even learned to read with Dick and Jane! "See Dick run. See Jane walk." Remember? Ah, yes! Learning to read. I guess it kind of tells our age, too, as to what books we started to learn to read with! Shhh! I guess we shouldn't admit what books we learned to read with, as this way no one will know our 'real' age! 
Learning to read is one of the most . . . 
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  1. Love Nursery Rhymes. As a teacher, it is amazing and very sad to see students who come through who have not heard nursery rhymes.

    I'm enjoying the blogging from A to Z challenge!!! I have found many great and creative posts.

    1. Sara,
      WOW! I cannot believe children NEVER hearing a Nursery Rhyme???
      Yes, unfortunately, there are parents out there who do NOT read to their children. Or, who only read a book or two that they probably only received as a gift and never buy the children anymore books. That shows you how much the PARENT reads! NOT AT ALL!
      What a SHAME! That's almost abuse to NOT read to your child! Especially nursery rhymes! A LOT of them are rhyming, and kids LOVE the rhyming ones!
      I don't know. I cannot imagine NEVER reading to your child! I read EVERY night! We read all kinds of books, but, both of their favorite books were one particular Nursery Rhyme book! We could NOT read any other Nursery Rhyme book! It HAD to be that 'certain one'! That was more my daughter who HAD to have it the certain way. My son was a 'little' more explorative! He would allow me to read from different books, but ONLY every now and then! He loved trucks, bulldozers, and especially Fire Engines! For the longest time, he was going to be a Fireman! Now, at 14, he wants to go into the Military. Everything he wears, owns, etc., is ALL military! We'll see in time what he decides! My daughter is going for Psychology! She probably could use that course for OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! LOL!!! With the book "having to be that book!"
      Thanks SO much for stopping by and reading my article!
      I HAVE to get around some more. First I have to get my taxes done, then I can. UGH! It's always something. Yes!!! I waited till last minute! As usual. I always do that. With those, I AM a procrastinator!
      Thanks again!

  2. Hi, Laurie, just dropping in from the A-Z Challenge list. Great idea for the Letter ""J". Beautiful pictures at the top of your blog site. Thanks for sharing.
    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice


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