Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yarn, by Kyoko Mori

Yarn by Kyoko Mori
NonFiction and Autobiography
This book is not just about yarn, as I thought it was at first. It is a very nice novel to read. It flows very nicely as Kyoko Mori, a New York Times Notable author takes us through her life from the point where her Visa is set to expire before she is done with all her college degrees she is after. College is what got her her Visa here to the States. She did not want to go back home to Japan without having finished them.
A friend of hers asks her to marry him, and that way she can stay in the country. She does. She marries him and they start to build a life together. She takes us on a journey through her life, including using her passion of knitting, and weaves a story telling us her story through her use of her knitting. As life goes through patterns, so does her knitting.
We learn all about her life in Japan, the customs from Japan and all about her family in Japan. She tells us how they relate to her now in her life here in the States. Things are definitely different in Japan. This information was very interesting.
Kyoko does eventually end up getting divorced, and through her knitting, tells us all about it and her new life. She tells us of the difficulties of her divorce, moving on to a new life, adjusting and more. It shows through her knitting as well. Mostly, it is how her knitting had stayed the same, yet grew in intricacy, and how her life did as well, all the comparisons. Her dedication to knitting continued, and so she remained dedicated to her life. Many things changed, yet many things stayed the same.
Kyoko Mori tells a story so beautifully and elegantly, I would compare it to cutting through a very large wedding cake. It is so soft, smooth and with ease. The words just flow onto the paper. You want to keep reading this book because the words are so soft, smooth and written with ease.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would suggest it to anyone who likes knitting and likes autobiographies, as the book is equally full of both.
This book was provided to me for free by GemmaMedia Publishers through, in exchange for a written review. No monies were exchanged whatsoever.
A huge thanks to the Publisher-Gemma Media and NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read such an enjoyable book.

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