Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Boy and Little Witch by Ben White

The Boy and Little Witch, by Ben White
(The copy I read was the Kindle 99cent version given to me free as a winner in exchange for a review. I would NEVER purchase anything like this myself.)
I picked this book up several times to try to read it. I felt VERY uncomfortable reading this book. When I get a book, I ALWAYS read them. When I promise to read a book, I follow through, which I had EVERY intention of doing with this book, but just could not even get past the first chapter. This book is strange, in ‘my’ opinion. I could ‘not’ make sense of this book whatsoever. Is this a book for adults or for children?
So, we are introduced to The Boy and The Little Witch. The Boy lives in a Tree House overlooking his land and he whacks the overgrowth with his sword, which is two sticks tied with a string tied together so his gumdrops don't get overgrown. Then we have The Little Witch who lived in a house among all these psychedelic sounding mushrooms made out of purple (her favorite color) and all other colors with polka dots and stripes and other designs. One evening she started collecting 'starberry's' as the both of them decided they would have lunch together the next day. She told the Little Boy she would bake a Starberry Pie. She started collecting starberrys. As she was doing this, a little man showed up with red hair and a red beard who I thought sounded like a Leprechaun? He said there were only 36 of him around the world? He came from the Forgotten Forest, and when he asked The Boy why it was called the Forgotten Forest, The Boy said he couldn't remember. The Leprechaun, or whatever this character was supposed to be did it in for me. That was my limit on this book. Is this for an 'Adult' to read? Or is this for a child? Is this a Fairy Tale? What is this book? A left-over story from 1960's? What was this author thinking as he wrote this story? Did he really think he would keep a person’s interest with such a strange story? Especially when this little man showed up? I think this was the part that did it in for me. I tried and tried to get into this book and just could not. I could not envision all this weird stuff and take it seriously anymore. It just did not make any sense to me. Maybe if the author explained more of the ‘point of this story’ from the beginning of this book, perhaps it ‘might’ have made more sense? This book is definitely out there. Well out of ‘my’ genre range.
Although, I have to say this could just be ‘me’ and ‘my’ take on this story? I don’t know? I think it is very strange.
I must be honest and admit I cannot state this is a good book, nor can I state this is a bad book. All I can say is this; it is a very strange book, in ‘my’ opinion. It is just not for ‘me’. I can do without all this weird psychedelic stuff. Give me good fiction/literature and I am VERY happy. Even Fairy Tales make more sense than this book did. Perhaps this may very well be a GREAT story for someone who likes this genre, yet I don’t even know what genre “I” would put it in. It is just not ‘my’ liking.
This book was provided to me for free by a Member as a giveaway in exchange for a review at www.librarything.com.

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