Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life, The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

First of all, I would LOVE to thank Karen Haney, from whom I won this book from! Her Blog address is: (sorry, the link would not take.) She has a Giveaway called Bookin' With Bingo! Please go to her site and play! You'll be glad you did! I am!!! I was SO excited to get her email stating I had won this book! I went on and on about how excited I truly am! It was really cute when she replied back, "I am glad you are a 'tiny' bit excited!" LOL! A 'tiny' bit!!! HUGE!!! I LOVE Royal Weddings, and this one, for me, was SO very special! The history behind it all! I remember as a teenager, watching Prince Charles and Diana getting married on TV. I do believe that wedding was LATER in the day than this wedding was! I KNOW I did NOT get up, or in my case, I stayed up ALL night long watching the pre-wedding shows, etc! Back then, as I said I was a teenager, and WHAT teenager would stay up all night to watch a wedding! I must thank my late-mother for turning it on TV! Thanks, Mom! Otherwise, I would not have the lifelong memories I have of Prince Charles and Diana. I sat next to that TV GLUED! Teenagers are impressionable, and I was. I have had a life-long love affair with the Royal Family! Now it has come full-circle, and Diana's oldest son is getting married. Notice I don't mention Prince Charles! Lying, cheating, . . . !!! HOW could ANYONE do what he did to Diana? Well, that's another story for another time!
Anyway, on to this BEAUTIFUL book! I suggest ANYONE get this book who is interested in the Royal Family! Until I visited Karen's Blog, I didn't know this book existed! I should have! Leave it to Life Books to publish one! I 'should have' known!
Life - The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I honestly believe the title of the book is wrong. It does NOT cover 'their wedding'. It covers their dating years and a LOT of history of the Royal people prior to them, and all the events leading 'up to the wedding'. This book is 'full' of Royal history! If you like Royal History, 'this' is 'the' book for you! I can see another book coming out specifically focusing directly 'on' the wedding itself. Wasn't the wedding just SO breathtaking? Westminster Abbey was turned into this live greenhouse! Real trees growing in the aisle way. We can only imagine that fairy tale for ourselves, or, to watch this fairy tale on TV. Imagine yourself walking those '3' minutes down that aisle! (Smile!)
Wow! What a GORGEOUS book! You all know how during the 'Royal Wedding', I was posting away here on my Blog, and on Twitter! I had watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Wedding 'years' ago as I had mentioned. (By the way, my son's middle name is William and my daughter's name is Elizabeth! NOT named after the Royal family - more based on Shakespeare!) I agree with the newscasters, that Diana was there at the wedding, in spirit. Not in a 'paranormal' sort of way, but in the hearts of everyone who attended and/or watched the wedding on television, (The 'telly')!
I have been enamored by this couple throughout their dating years. They just had this 'glow' about them, didn't they? All through this book, it highlights their dating life and more. Many of the events they attended together, and the charities, etcetera. All the way from their dating, engagement, to the pre-preparation of their wedding. In this book, which of course, precedes the 'actual' wedding, estimates the cost of this wedding to be approximately $20,000,000. However, as this book states, NOT to be confused with most expensive 'Society Wedding' of Vanisha Mittal to Amit Bhatia in 2004. (Page 103).
College sweethearts, they ski, they hunt, they attend functions and charities together. Kate watches William play Polo. They travel all over the world together.
In this book, we also meet the Middleton family. The paparazzi. Kate's fashion. It's ALL in this Collector's Book!
What a lovely book to own! This book will stay in my Library for years to come! I'll be able to add to it William and Kate's children's weddings! This book is truly a keeper! Again, thank you to Karen Haney at (Sorry, the link would not take.)

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