Friday, June 24, 2011

Currently I am reading: The Help by Kathryn Stockett


Just wanted to share with everyone this book! I have ONLY 'maybe' read this for an hour or hour and a half?? I couldn't sleep last night and bought this at 4:00am! I 'did' fall asleep in my recliner, after watching the movie trailers of this book on YouTube! Go there and do a search on The Help, the movie. That is how I found them.
Now the book I bought is the "Actual book", NOT the Movie tie-in book. Be careful if you go to buy it! I bought the Kindle edition! I had purchased the sample first, and read it. I was HOOKED!!! I HAD to have this book! I haven't gotten to sit and read like I want to. It's been sketchy, but I am already at 21%! It is a VERY engaging tale! I have a few things I need to do right now, after that I plan on cuddling up in a favorite place and reading to my heart's content tonight! I expect I will read the whole thing in one night, as this is HOW GREAT this book is!
I will be posting a review on this book here in my Posts section! It will be VERY soon, I'm sure! After reading Summer Rental, I was thinking I have so many books to read, which one do I want to pick up first? I have many I need to read to write reviews on, but since I read the sample of The Help, it was SCREAMING it's name to me! This book is MY choice! MY TREAT to me!!! I can't say this book is 'better' than Summer Rental at all because Summer Rental was GREAT! This book, The Help, is a WONDERFUL book!
That is something. You read one book, and think you will not be able to find as good a book as you just finished reading. Then, amazingly, you 'do' find another book that you love just as much! Thankfully! 'This' book is just SO good! I don't know? I have read SO many GREAT books this year, I will have a VERY hard time choosing which book is my favorite. I may not be able to choose just '1' book!
This weekend my hubby and I plan on going to the park along the St Clair River to enjoy it! It's just SO beautiful there! I will be taking a book with me, of course!!! I KNOW 'The Help' WILL be finished by then! Tonight is Friday. I don't know what day we are going, but I WILL finish this book tonight as it completely engrosses you into the story!
To Read List currently is: The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen, Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens, The Blessed by Ann Gabhart, Learning by Karen Kingsbury, Meghan's Way by Melissa Foster(almost finished), and I just bought "Room" by Emma Donoghue,cx and many more books! I have a TON of Amish books on my Kindle! Oh! I also got a new book last night that sounds REALLY good, called "Called Home" by Gloria Schumann, available through Amazon! She's trying to get her name out there, so if anyone wants to look this book up, it sounds great! From what I recall about the book, it's about a woman coming home to the family farm, a tornado hitting the area, an old flame comes back to this city also, and they get back together and face different trials and tribulations together. It's on my Kindle!! Perhaps I'll take my Kindle to the park! That is what I LOVE about my Kindle! I have SO many books on it! Whatever mood I am in, I can choose whatever book I want to read!
Look how pretty the cover of "Called Home" by Gloria Schumann is:
Next post will be a review! See you then!'


  1. Looking forward to the reviews for both of these books! Look interesting!
    I'm a new follower from the Over 40 Blog Hop!
    Hope you'll hop by and visit my blog too!
    Nice meeting you!

  2. You are to love The Help. I did a review on my blog a while back. I loved the book. Hope you stop by to read the review. Can't wait to hear what you have to say on it. Donna

  3. Hi Nancy!
    SO nice to meet you!!! I WILL come on over and visit your blog!!! Give me a little time and I'll be there!! I am SO glad you came by! Thank you! I LOVE the OVER 40 Blog Hop!!! I love that 'we' have our own 'thing'! Us 'over 40'ers'!!! The book so far is SOOOOOOOO good!! They are making a movie out of the book! Usually movies made from books - the books are that much better!!! I want to go see the movie, of course!!! I saw the previews for it and they look like the movie will be great! I've been wanting to read this book for forever! I downloaded the first few chapters and LOVED them! I HAD to download the book onto my Kindle right away!! I LOVE IT!! It didn't work out tonight to where I could just sit and read, but . . . there's the ENTIRE weekend!! My son is not coming over this weekend, so I think I will spend it reading! I am sneaking this book in!! I have others I need to read to do a tour on and others for reviews, but, you know, sometimes we MUST do 'something' for ourselves! This is what I did! I'm SO enjoying it!! Read it if you get a chance!!!
    SO nice to meet you and I will be over to 'your place'!!!

  4. Hi Donna!!
    I WILL come by to read your review!!! But, AFTER I read the whole book!!! I don't want to come across ANY spoilers, just in case because I am LOVING this book!!! IT'S GREAT, isn't it?! Wow!!! You can't stop reading it!!! It engrosses you! The sentences just 'flow'! I can't wait to get the rest of my stuff done so I can get back to reading a 'little bit' tonight! Then I 'do' need sleep! Been working a LOT on my blog lately!!!
    SO good to see you again!!!
    Take care!!!

  5. After I saw your cute comment on my blog, I just had to stop by yours. I hope you love The Help. It was one of my favorite reads last year. And even if you don't win a copy of The Violets of March from my give-away, I hope you do get your hands on a copy. It is a great read.

  6. Found you through the Over 40 hop. Both my husband and I read and loved "The Help" and "Room." Here are links to our reviews of them if you are interested:

    We read "Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens and liked felt differently about that one--he loved it and I thought it was okay.

  7. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good read with a healthy sense of history and heart.
    Diesel Engines


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