Monday, June 20, 2011


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It's here! Finally! The Midsummer's Eve Giveaway Hop!!!
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WHAT IS "MY" GIVEAWAY? It's time to go on vacation!!!
"SUMMER RENTAL" BY MARY KAY ANDREWS!!! Fiction/Chic-Lit! With a little bit of Mystery/Suspense!

MY Take on the book: I LOVE IT!!! "5 Stars" from me! I didn't want this vacation to end! Mary Kay Andrews has a special gift of writing that is so descriptive, it transports the Reader into feeling as if we, the Reader, are on vacation with these 3 girlfriends who have rented this house in North Carolina's Outer Banks right on the shoreline. The house they rented is called Ebbtide. Mary Kay Andrews has invited us, the Reader, along with these girlfriends/characters, as they enjoy their summer vacation in this house for the entire month of August.
These 3 girlfriends have been together since childhood, all come together bringing us their lives, past and present, decisions they need to think about while on this vacation, and their dreams for the future as they enjoy this summer vacation together in this rental home on the beach, with a little bit of romance and some mystery/suspense added in as well. It wouldn't be a vacation without a little romance now, would it?
We learn all about these characters' lives as to where each of them are at this the moment, what has happened to them in the past, where they are right now, what decisions they need to work on and make in their lives while on this vacation, and the directions as to where they want their lives to go with their dreams for the future all mixes in. We, the reader, feel as if we are right there with them as they have fun enjoying this summer vacation journey together.
Spend YOUR entire vacation with them here at Ebbtide house in North Carolina on the Outer Banks Beach! This, like ALL vacations, eventually comes to a bittersweet end, as ALL vacations do. You DON'T want this vacation to end! This is what makes EVERY vacation so much fun, though. The GREAT TIMS you have, the fun, and all the memories you've made! You 'do' want to stay with these characters longer! You want to continue to follow their lives as they've each decided where life 'will' take them next.
Are you ready to go on vacation with these girls? You MUST! To miss this book would be a HUGE loss! This book is THE SUMMER READ THIS YEAR FOR 2011!! Go ahead and take your vacation with these 3 women! You NEED a vacation! Don't plan on putting this vacation on hold as you read it! You won't want to miss a second of this vacation! Like we spend ALL summer vacations, this is GRAND! It is a page turning, enjoyably FUN read!
THIS Summer, 2011, IS 'THE' Summer YOU ARE going on vacation! You WILL enjoy this book immensely! Make sure you have time to NOT put this book down, because you won't want to!
I won this book at Goodreads as an Advanced Reader's Edition in exchange for a written review! No monies were exchanged, and is in accordance with the new ruling from the FTC Guidelines.
Laurie Carlson
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  1. I'm a new follower! Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

    My mom's been sick and I never got around to signing up for the Midsummer Hop, but I'm giving away a beautiful copy of Anna and the French Kiss on my blog Readerbuzz in June. I'd love to have you stop by and throw your name in the hat!

  2. Hi Deb!!
    Thanks for following me!!!
    It sounds like you are going to LOVE this book!!! I did!! LOVED it!!! I am still thinking about it!!! It is honestly a GREAT summer read!! You really felt like you were on vacation reading this book! I wish I could find another book like this!!! I'd read it in a 2nd!!!! I WILL come by your Blog and enter!! Sorry about your Mom. I hope she is better??? I WILL come by right now to check it out!
    Thanks for the heads up!!!
    Best wishes to your Mom!!!


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