Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In My Mailbox!!!!! I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!! I can't believe what "I" got in my mailbox over the last 3 days!!!!!!
Here goes:

Karen Kingsbury's NEWEST NOVEL! #2 in her Bailey Flannigan series called "Learning" to be released June 21, 2011! Blog Tour is scheduled by Zondervan on July 11th, 2011! This will be a total series of 4 books. The first one was called "Leaving", which I have a review her in the Archives! It was in May, if I recall?
I am sooooo excited!!!! Zondervan sent me and everyone who Blogs for them an email stating if we are interested in reviewing this book, to please respond to this email. They have "8" copies of this book available for review.
Oh my gosh!!!! I replied to the email ASAP!!!!! Then, I though, ONLY '8' copies??? What are my chances? I don't know if I'll be lucky enough to be chosen??? Are they choosing the Bloggers by first come, first serve?? Or are they choosing the Bloggers by determining if they like the way the reviews of her previous books were done (that we previously reviewed for them?) I was NOT sure if I was going to be lucky enough, or privileged enough to get the book? I honestly did not know.
HERE IT IS!! IN "MY" HANDS!!!! My hubby brought the mail home. We live where there is a huge set of mailboxes that you need a key to get into. It is to far for 'me' to drive there in my electric wheelchair, by myself. I honestly don't know if I would take a chance on doing that alone. If the chair did not make it that far, I don't know what I would do. I can't call anyone, as there is no one to call in the middle of the day, so . . . my hubby is the one I rely on to get my mail.
So, he brought the mail in. There was an envelope there from Zondervan!!! "Ahhhhh!" I screamed! I was talking to my son and my ex on the phone at the time, and I killed their ears! Oh, well. They'll get over it! I ripped the envelope open, and HERE IT IS!!!!!!!! An ARC of Learning, by Karen Kingsbury!!! I'm SOOOOO happy!!!!
AND, FOR THE NEXT "HUGE" SURPRISE???? WOW!!! A copy of the NEW Shaker novel by Ann H. Gabhart, called "The Blessed" to be released July 1, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!I remember Ann mentioning to me she was going to have me review one of her new releases, and I was wondering . . . if? And . . . An envelope came, and I did not recognize the Publishing House. Hmmm? I had a hard time opening this envelope. What is this book? Hmmm? I got the envelope open, and again, I screamed!!! "Ahhhh!!!!" My hubby laughs at me!!! He finds great joy when I get SO excited over books! We both LOVE books! Sometimes I wonder if he gets jealous that he doesn't get these neat surprises?
HUGE thanks to Ann Gabhart!!! I will have a review done on this book, also, in the VERY near future!
OF COURSE I WILL HAVE GIVEAWAYS ON THESE BOOKS!!!! Would you EVER doubt that???!!! Stay tuned!


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