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No Mistletoe Required by Jeanette Murray - REVIEW

Publisher's Description:

Dan Beckins isn't sure how he let his best friend con him into volunteering to build Santa's Winter Wonderland at the local hospital. He's got no problems with charity work, but anything Christmas-related is off-limits ever since he lost his parents on Christmas Day years ago. The only bright spot is working with smoking-hot Anna Smith.
Anna Smith loves Christmas and volunteering at the hospital is one of her yearly highlights. She had leukemia as a teen and then a breast cancer scare in her mid-twenties, and is now operating under a self-imposed rule that she can't have a relationship until the doctors give her a clean bill of health.
A little fling might be permissible, though, and sexy lawyer-turned-carpenter Dan seems like the perfect candidate. But when chemistry flares and the two start forming a real connection, will Anna run away before like turns to love?

My Take:
4.5 Stars!
I HIGHLY recommend this novella for those who like/love contemporary romance! The only reason for it just being short of a 5-star rating from me is that it is too short, even if it is a novella! Imagine if it were a full length novel, it would have been even better! I can see so many possibilities with it.
I really enjoyed this story, even though it is short. (Ho, hum.) I really liked how well this story was written, too. A full-length novel would really enhance this story as I really enjoyed the characters, the development this author did with Dan and Anna meeting and getting to know each other, and the other characters as well. I was not ready for this one to end! I would LOVE to see this become a full-length novel!
At first, I hated Dan! Yes! His friend did con him into getting him to help decorate a part of a hospital for the Annual Christmas Party this hospital holds every year for all the sick children who are stuck there in the hospital over the holidays. Since his friend suckered him into helping him out, and since Dan's heart really was not into doing this charity work, his eyes were roaming around checking out all the other young, hot, sorority girls that were there volunteering to help decorate as well. So yes, I thought Dan was a jerk the way he was looking around and checking out all these women and thinking the things he did.
That is, until . . . Dan spots Anna, and then he starts to change the way he's acting by straightening up as quickly as he can as he is very attracted to her. He realizes she is older and she's much more mature than the other younger sorority girls are with whom she was with. She intrigued him and he started to take this more seriously. He also put more of his heart into what he was doing. This did not go unnoticed because Anna spotted Dan, too! Mutual attraction!
Anna did this charity event every year now, regardless of being a part of this sorority or not. Anna had had leukemia as a teen, fought and overcame it, but now, most recently, has had a scare with breast cancer. Currently she still has about three more months to go before she can get a clean bill of health from her doctor. With a clean bill of health being what she wants, she won't allow herself to become involved in a personal relationship with anyone besides a fling until that comes bill comes along. No emotional attachments. She's been through too much already and does not want anyone in her life to complicate matters.
Of course Dan does not know about any of this about Anna, although the more time they spend together, the more they learn and like each other. More and deeper feelings could be developing, and . . .  well, you read the story! You'll love it! I did!
Let's say this couple did NOT need any mistletoe to kiss, just like the title says! Besides, it's Christmas and this is a magical time of year!
As I said above, I would LOVE for this novella to be turned into a full-length novel about these two very likable/lovable characters!
This is a great seasonal book to read, and can be read at any time of the year! I happened to read it in December, before Christmas and during the holiday season, but it would not have made any difference to me what time of year I read it in, as I still would have loved it just as much!
I really enjoyed this author's writing style a lot, too, and will be looking for more full-length novels by her. I just found myself a new author I love to read! Thanks, Carina Press!
I received this book for FREE from the Publisher, Carina Press, through NetGalley, in exchange to read and write a review about it. It is NOT required for this review to be either positive or negative, but of my own honest opinion. “Free” means I was NOT provided with ANY MONIES to read this book nor to write this review, but to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255,
Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

No Mistletoe Required by +Kat Jeanette Murray 
Ebook format only: $2.51

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