Friday, January 18, 2013

January is READ Review books, ARC's, Galleys, etc.! Not to late to join! Especially with a Read-A-Thon that will take place Jan 21 to Jan 27th! See below!

Review Request January at Musings of a Bookworm
This is being sponsored by Musings of a
This is a READ ALLLLL the review books/ARC's, or TBR books if you don't have a Blog, so ANYONE "CAN" participate for the ENTIRE month of January!
This started the at the beginning of January, and I'm coming in LATE, BUT, I have been reading ARC's and Review Books ALL month long anyway, so I thought I would link up to this after all!
How did I find this? On Google+!
I have been trying to get AWAY from Facebook for a LONG time! I've been adding people to my circles, putting EVERY post up there as well from my blog since it started, etc. I KNOW Google+ is going to TAKE OFF!
Then, one day last week when I went to send a message to someone who is NOT a friend on Facebook, Facebook wanted to charge ME $1.00! YES! Now Facebook is going to hit the little guy's wallet! STOP! I don't think so! I've been expecting this for quite a while, anyway.
The problem? Too many people RELY on Facebook! From large companies, down to us, the little guy. Facebook has COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE WEB! It's about time Google+ took some of Facebook's control AWAY! HA!
This was the FIRST message that popped up in my Notifications! YES! (Can you tell I'm behind on my Google+ Notifications? Hugely! I'm trying to catch up, and found this right off the bat! YES!!!!
Okay - FOR THIS CHALLENGE - we can choose however many/number of books we want to read! Books to read - I have! A TON! It's kind of funny because that IS what I have been up to this month, is reading ARC's, Galleys, Review Books, etc.! Now I have a TON of reviews to write! I AM getting behind on those! So, to guess ahead, I'm going to pick "10" books. I expect I 'might' hit 12, but for an official number, "10" is the MAGIC WORD for me!
I'm going to go over now to Musings of a and LINK-UP!

OH! I AM in a READ-A-THON from Jan 21 to Jan 27th at Seasons of Reading, if you'd like to sign up! That is going to give me MORE time to read, too! I may surpass 10, or 12!

You know the funny part of that? We ALL have Klout, right? If we are NOT socially active CONSTANTLY, (kind of like sitting on the computer 24/7 continuously LIKING, SHARING, +1'ing, Facebooking, Tweeting, and more, our score goes DOWN! (So WHEN do we READ?) So, I will be reading like a crazy person during that week and NOT on the computer as much, so my score will go down, and it suffers because I'll be reading! I'll be reading for authors, publishers, NetGalley books I've chosen, Indie Authors, and more! Does that make sense? NO! "I" owe the people who have asked ME to review their books for them my opinion! NOT KLOUT! I HATE KLOUT! I wish I NEVER signed up for it! How many of you feel that way? I hope a LOT of you! We can't just 'do our thing', because we are being 'graded'! At least that's what it feels like to me!
I remember in December I was pretty sick. My score went from 62, down to a 55 now! I've 'tried' to get it back up, and it's not budging! Why? Do I CARE? NO! I'd LOVE to get RID of that stupid thing! It's kind of like "keeping up with the Jones'", and I don't think ANYONE should have to do that! If there were a way to disconnect my account I AM going to do so! I SHOULD be able to somewhat disconnect and PARTICIPATE in a Read-A-Thon and NOT worry about that 'report card'! But, NO! I DO have to worry about the declining number!
Is Klout REALLY a GOOD thing to have for a Book Blog? We read books and write reviews. We have our followers and if we do a Read-A-Thon, that's GREAT for the authors who have asked us to review their books. THEY are the ones who matter! NOT KLOUT! I happen to have a LOT of followers ALL over the place, but, Klout DECIDES FOR ME if I'm doing well or not? NOT ME! Klout does! I HATE that! During that Read-A-Thon, I AM going to try to disconnect that account! I've HAD IT with that site! I want to concentrate on BOOKS, NOT KLOUT! I hope MORE of you feel like I do!

Now, on to reading! Finishing up a GREAT book tonight! "The Cover of Snow" by @JennyMilchman! Excellent book! FULL of suspense!
First, some dinner! It's almost 9:00pm! I'm hungry! I'd LOVE a GREAT LATE night of reading, then sleeping in in the morning! Tomorrow's Saturday! YEAH!!! Hubby's home ALLLL weekend! No working Saturday! He and I will hang out here at home, as usual, and just chill! (Like I do every day! Then again, I really don't have a choice due to the neuro disease. That's in the side column and under the TAB 'About Me'.)

Which reminds me! In the LEFT side column, please look at ALL the GIVEAWAYS! There are SO MANY RIGHT NOW! Don't miss them! Come on over and enter them ALL! GREAT books, GREAT MONEY being offered by authors, and BOOK GIVEAWAYS, TOO!!! Watch the dates!
Happy Reading!

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  1. I haven't been that active on facebook lately but now I really am not for it, I can't believe they are charging to send messages to ppl not on your friend list. I hate that they have so much power over the web. As for Klout I tried it out and I felt exactly how you do which is why within a couple months I ended up opting out, it wasn't worth it for me. Anyways good luck with meeting your goals for the read-a-thon


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