Monday, January 14, 2013

NEW BOOK! "PUZZLEBOOK - 100 Puzzle Quizzes" (Interactive Puzzlebook for E-Readers) by the Grabarchuk Puzzles Family

5-star Review STILL!

This is a NEW version of the same title. The difference is there are now 2 books. This book is for the Black and White Kindle, and the other is for the HD FIRE! This review is for the Black and White Kindle.
I am pretty much keeping the SAME REVIEW as I initially did on the regular black and white Kindle, as this book is the version FOR the Black and White Kindle, the only difference this time is I received this book for FREE on a day it was given out for free and the Grabarchuk Puzzle Family did NOT give me the book.
These are very professionally drawn and thought out puzzles made by an expert at puzzle writing. They are very refreshing puzzles to do! They really get you to think 'outside of the box'!
This book is SO much FUN! These are visual puzzles and there are 100 of them in this book. They go from easy to medium, to hard, to expert. These start out easy and get harder as you go along. This is the FUN part! As they get harder as you go along, right when you think you have the correct answer, you pick it, and you are wrong! Darn! You have to click back and figure it out before you can move on to the next puzzle!
These really are a lot of fun. When you are looking for something different to do rather than read, this is IT! When I say these puzzlebooks are SO refreshing, I 'do' mean this. It is a definite change of pace from reading! Take a break from reading and really challenge your mind! They definitely do that! Sometimes, too, you need to challenge yourself! When you get an answer correct, you get so excited! You are playing against yourself, and you find yourself trying to beat yourself and get a better score each time you get to the next puzzle!
Again, these puzzles are beautiful and professionally crafted and available for purchase for every model Kindle. From the Black and White to the Fire in color. You can also play these in The Cloud! The Cloud is in color, too, so for that you would want to get the Color/HD (as long as your computer is in HD)!
These puzzles are not simple little drawn out puzzles, these are completely  professionally made and you really have to think in order to solve them. They really are a LOT of fun to solve! I am hooked!
I HIGHLY recommend these puzzlebooks! Grab your copy today and start challenging your mind! (This copy generally runs for #99cents! Excellent price for what you get! I'm really surprised at the low price, to be honest. I would expect to pay a LOT more for a book of this quality puzzles.)

 100 Puzzle Quizzes (Interactive Puzzlebook for E-readers) by the Grabarchuk Puzzle Family
Ebook: $0.99cents

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