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"Hopeless" by Colleen Hoover - REVIEW

Goodreads Synopsis:
I'm skipping this! I'm not even going to bother adding it. Why? As long as you are over 18, READ THIS BOOK! It's AMAZING! Colleen Hoover is such a talented author, you don't even 'need' to know what the book is about! Just sit down, and start to read! Enjoy every word! You won't regret a second of it!

My Take:
January 3rd, 2013
5+ Stars! Masterpiece!
(This is what I originally wrote and posted on Goodreads:

I'll come back with my full review. I need a cold shower and a few days to come back and write this one! LOL!)
Now today is January 14th, 2013. Okay. I've needed MORE than a few days, but I HAVE come back to write the actual review!
So for the 'real' review. Thinking I would cool off sooner, NOPE. This story is JUST as strong when I was reading it as I remember it! Wow! OMG!!! Phew! Wipe the sweat off my forehead!
Where IS this guy in REAL life?? I want him! I had him, BEFORE I WAS MARRIED!!! LOL!!! Shortly after, too, but then he disappeared? LOL!
Husbands', what happens to you? LOL! You single women out there, DON'T GET MARRIED! Wait as LONG as you can! It's the passion that STOPS! Have you ever heard the joke that guys have about how "Sex stops 'after you get married'?" Well, ladies (and gentlemen, too, if you're reading this), that is not the truth, it's the PASSION! It's a shame. TRUE shame. The sex does NOT stop. It may slow down a bit, or may pick up, or may be your first times, but it never stops. Passion, is what DOES stop! COLD! Thank GOD for authors like Colleen Hoover who can write like this! Now, ONLY to get the MEN to read these books! Or something? That is, without having an affair! LOL! Just kidding! Personally, I could NEVER do that. This is also about LOVE, and love only grows stronger in marriage, or at least it should. If it does not, then you had better re-think the marriage because something IS wrong.
First, let me say Colleen Hoover can write! Wow, can she write! Slammed and Point of Retreat proved that to us! Those are AMAZING books, books that made my Top 10 list of the year, one on top of the other, but this one, "Hopeless", TOPPED THE CAKE! WOW! I couldn't imagine her writing getting any better and it does! Each book keeps getting better and better! She surprises us with each story she writes!
I happen to feel her gift is the way she writes her characters. Her characters are just like real people. They feel exactly what real people feel and act like. You can relate to her characters in that way, too. It's so easy. It's like reading about your BFF. She is an AMAZING writer to be able to pull that off! She is one of the most talented authors I know because not many authors can pull off what Colleen is able to with her writing!
First of all, I want to make it clear that this book is a stand-alone book. It is NOT associated with Slammed or Point of Retreat at all, so don't feel like you've been cheated out. This is a completely separate story with completely separate characters. For those of you who are not old enough to read a story such as this one yet, (and truly, you really should be 18 or over to read this book.) you are NOT missing out on the Slammed series at all, so don't worry. Just wait a few years and you can read this then.
I hate to tell a teenager to wait and that it will take "Time", but, sometimes 'time' really does make a huge difference. I know, it stinks and you don't want to hear me say this, but sometimes you NEED time in order to be able to relate/appreciate things in the way that you should. Just wait. That time 'will' get here sooner than later, which brings me to this:  Okay, yes, this book IS definitely for the age group of 18 and over. There are many sexual situations in it, and I am NOT complaining! BUT, I am an adult. The way she wrote this was more than beautiful. This is a true love story beyond any love story I have EVER read or could have imagined or expected to be written. It had me mesmerized, holding my breath, panting! Breathless! I could NOT stop reading this book, and I read it ALL the way through!
This is where I asked where the passion in my marriage went!
I 'do' want to reread this story again because even though there are sexual situations in this book (and many of them), there is a full story line as well at the same time, and I want to reread it for those flashbacks that at first I did not quite understand, but now after finishing the book, I do. I need to reread this book, and will happily do so again!
Okay, the story starts with Sky losing it in her room. There is a huge reason for it, too. I could SO relate to how she felt. (See what I mean?) The rage and  the emotion at something she found out. I thought "I" was the ONLY one in the world who (at that age and probably into my early 30's who could get so enraged at times and do what she did! It was usually always because of my family, too! My mother, to be exact! She just had this 'way' of setting me off!) Then Holder comes in and grabs her. I related to Sky immediately. That first Chapter won me! This is what I mean that when I say Colleen writes, it is so realistic.
The rest of the chapters are the love story of Sky and Holder. They fall deeply in love. Not just love. Not just any love. Not just lust. Pure love where you cannot get enough of each other no matter how much time you are together, no matter how much intimacy you have. There is sexual attraction, yet it's beyond that. No matter how much time you share between the two of you, you cannot get enough of each other. Pure love. The love where you finish each other's sentences and more. Until you are emotionally ready for this, you will not understand their feelings, in my opinion. Their love was so real that even Sky's mother could tell when she saw them standing outside holding hands.
The way Holder goes about showing his love, geeze! I was dying! The passion he has for Sky, and Sky for Holder, is SO intense. The intimacy is deep. The two of them molding into one. The way Holder cares so much about Sky, and vice-versa. Yes! Love! Breathless, again! It was as if electricity blew through their pinky holding!
Sky. Completely accepting of Holder. Oh!!! Dear Lord! She's got to be about the luckiest woman in the world! The physical attraction, the want, the need, giving in. She knows Holder loves her. She loves him just as much as he loves her.
I could go on, but that's pointless because if you are 18 or over - READ THIS BOOK!
I read this book of my own choosing as SOON as it released! Why? After reading Slammed and Point of Retreat, I KNEW this book was going to be great, and it was beyond great! There are no words to explain this easy, yet complex love story. Yes there are. It's in the writing! Amazing writing!
Now go read it! Enjoy the story! Go into it without any preconceived notions and just enjoy it!

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
Ebook: $3.99


  1. Wow... what a great review! I just HAD to buy this after reading all of that. I love reviews that do that and yours totally did that for me! Can't wait to read it although it's sadly going to be a bit before I can.

    Thank you for the great review!

    1. Hi myseryniti!
      Thanks for the compliment on the review! I think you will ONLY need '1' day to read this book! "IF" you can sneak it in, you won't be able to stop! I SWEAR! Colleen Hoover is SUCH a GREAT writer, you'll LOVE her writing!
      Good luck in sneaking it in!
      It is the BEST book!

  2. Laurie, have you emailed me your address yet? After everything you've said about this, I NEED to make sure you have signed copies of every single one of my books! <3

    1. Hi Colleen!
      I need to mail you those 2 books for my nieces to you, yet! Dentist appt's, allergist every week, my glasses broke!
      You are SUCH a sweetie offering me signed books! I'd LOVE them! They certainly left a mark on me! You connect with the Reader in such a way, you cannot forget the stories! They feel SO REAL! I LOVE them! Yes, I have been doing a LOT of publicity! Well, a little! LOL! :) LOVE the books! LOVE the WRITING!!!! Only YOU can write like that! Now I'm having a really hard time reading other books! Seriously!
      Thanks SO much!
      I'll email it over!

  3. Great review, Laurie! Sounds like the read-a-thon-er who wins this one will be very lucky. =O)

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Thanks for the compliment on the great review for Hopeless by +Colleen Hoover! Yes! I cannot WAIT to give this book out to the winner! They are going to LOVE IT!!!!!
      Talk with you soon!


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