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New York Times Top 15 Best Sellers FICTION for the week ending January 19th, 2013

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Welcome! It's Sunday again, the post UP by NOON (or sooner!) every week, and we have some GREAT books on the list, as usual!
First, I want to tell you there is a +READ-A-THON starting on Monday! There IS still time - today, to enter and participate in it! You can click on this LINK to sign up today yet! Starts on Monday, the 21st, in LESS THAN 24 HOURS, and goes to NEXT Sunday, the 27th!
***+AUTHORS*** - IF you are interested in DONATING any +books for this event to be used as prizes for the participants, Michelle would LOVE it! It would truly help her out! You can email her at truebookaddictATgmailDOTcom. I HOPE you are interested in doing so! 
I can't WAIT to get started with this +Read-A-Thon! Today I will be gathering ALL the books I want/need to read 'n review for the week, today, going through my notes for the books on my Kindle, too! Plus, I want to get my desk area straightened up! Oh, boy! My desk area needs help! It's crying OUT for help! It's my own fault! I let it go, and things have piled up! I have one stack of books that is teeter-tottering! It's a little dangerous because if it were to fall, it would land ON the computer and then onto myself! So then temptation comes in! Can I add '1' more book to that pile? Will it fall over, or won't it? LOL!!! 
Now I'm DYING to tell you about a book I just finished today! I LOVED it!
I just finished reading "Cover of Snow" by +Jenny Milchman, her debut novel! The suspense was more than nail biting! I could NOT stop until I was done! I'll tell you a little bit about it! Here it is:
Nora marries Brendan and moves to a very small town, Wedeskyull, New York, in the northern Adirondac Mountains where everything is grey, from the ground covered in feet of snow which is always flying and it's always the same color outside, from the ground all the way up to the sky. This is where she loses her husband to secrets, secrets that go back 25 years ago. She runs into a huge problem. The problem: "who" can and can't she trust? The police force there seems to be corrupt? Family? Friends? Nora is on her own with this one. Can she figure out all these deep secrets of 'why' and get down to the truth? She finds her own husband has secrets, too? The town's secrets? All the secrets?
This book was outstanding! I LOVED it! This was one heck of a greatly written  beyond suspenseful mystery! You'll have to check it out!
I have to say I was reading this book over the course of two days, and in the most suspenseful part, the sounds of the deep, dark Winter here were just like the ones described in the book! This is a great book to read at this time of year as it matches the season! You 'really' get to relate to the full experience of the suspense! It was pretty neat!
I'll be doing my review of this book probably later tonight. Watch for it!
Feel free to leave COMMENTS! I LOVE COMMENTS!

Cover of Snow: A Novel by +Jenny Milchman 
Print Book: $15.78
Ebook:       $12.99

+Jenny Milchman also has an excellent short story she has written, and it is published in this book called  Lunch Reads. This book includes two short stories, and hers is the second story called, "The Very Old Man".
LUNCH READS - Volume 1 by +Libby Sternberg  and +Jenny Milchman 
Ebook format only and #99cents!

Okay, here we go! On to see the Best Sellers!


1. A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time (Tor Hardcover)) by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
Print Book: $19.24
I cannot find this as an ebook? I COULD find it at for $47.95. Ow!


There IS an EXTRA to this book! It is a Prologue to the book, and some of the reviews have said it's nice to have just a little more of this book. Hope you like it, and here it is:
  By Grace and Banners Fallen: Prologue to A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
Ebook format ONLY at $2.99

2. Hopeless by +Colleen Hoover 
I cannot say ENOUGH about this book! New Adult genre - 18 and over - NOT Young Adult material. Amazon makes this very clear. I kind of have to laugh at a comment I read. Someone asked if this was a Young Adult book. Got my laugh for the day! It's all over Amazon stating 17+ should read this book only. Personally, I say 18+, as you are considered an adult, (supposedly) at age 18. (18 - that 'magic' number! It's not like you can just move out of your parents home and support yourself, yet look at the Foster Care System, which the book, "The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh wrote and addressed that very same issue with. That character was literally set out on the street on THE day of her 18th birthday, and that is where she lived for quite a while. The States and Child Protective Services. What do they know?)
+Colleen Hoover's writing was amazing, and the story, OH, WOW! Talk about a LOVE STORY! Oh, my! Breathtaking, and so much more!
***I wrote my review on this book, and you can find it here by clicking on these words! If you like my review, you could help me out by clicking on the word YES! Thank you SO much!
Again, I cannot say ENOUGH about this book, or this author! She is an AMAZING writer! The story was wonderful! Again, I'll say it was breathtaking! Colleen Hoover can WRITE! Wow! She has written Slammed and Point of Retreat (Young Adult genre), and she continues to please THOUSANDS of Readers! Go ahead, give yourself a treat and grab a copy! BUT, make SURE you have a day to read it! This IS a warning! You will NOT want to, nor will you stop reading this book! Yes, your housework will NOT get done, you will NOT be cooking dinner, or doing anything for anyone else but YOU! ENJOY!
Print Book: $12.99
Ebook:        $  3.99


3. Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn
Print Book: $13.75
Ebook:        $12.99


4. Safe Haven by +Nicholas Sparks (Okay, I HAD to buy this one this week!)
Print Book: $10.19
Ebook:        $  6.64


 5. Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by +E L James 
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $9.99


6. Collateral Damage (Stone Barrington) by +Stuart Woods
Print Book: $17.79
Ebook:        $12.99


 7. The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by +Jessica Sorenson
Ebook format only #99cents!


 8. Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by +E L James 
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $9.99


9. Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by +E L James 
Print Book: $8.77
Ebook:        $9.99

 10. The Forgotten by +David Baldacci 
Print Book: $18.47
Ebook:        $  8.20


11.Someone to Love by +Addison Moore
Ebook format only #99cents! Okay - I'm buying this today! It's been on the list for a few weeks now, and I'll try it out. I'll let you know what I think! Or, will this be ALL sex, as the cover suggests? (It's a GOOD thing we have ereaders! So no one can see the covers of our books we read! I would DIE if anyone saw me reading this in public by the cover alone! LOL! So,  you all know I like a good and solid story line, so we'll see? Maybe this author CAN pull off a good story with sex, or if one or the other lacks or takes over? I won't know until I try it out.

12.The Racketeer by +John Grisham 
Print Book: $15.83
Ebook:        $12.99


 13. Tenth of December: Stories by +George Saunders
Print Book: $14.21
Ebook:        $12.99


14. Dream Eyes (Dark Legacy Novel) by +jayne ann krentz niduaza 
Print Book: $15.85
Ebook:        $12.99


 15. The Husband List by +Janet Evanovich  and +Dorien Kelly 
Print Book: $18.47
Ebook:        $13.49
I know we have two authors here, but does this sound like a Janet Evanovich story to you? I'm not so sure? I'm kind of 'iffy' on this one??? Anyone read this yet? If so, please LEAVE A COMMENT! Thanks!!!

Thanks for stopping by again this week! LOVE having you all here week after week! LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us what YOU are reading OR plan on reading this week! We would LOVE to hear, as always! See you next week! (I should have a HUGE list of books I've read as this week is the #Read-A-Thon! We'll see??? HAVE A GREAT WEEK!! I AM!

If you woul like to see the rest of this list, you can see up to #35 here by clicking on these words!


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