Sunday, January 20, 2013

*BOOK HIGHLIGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT!* "Love, Lies and Mystery" A 3-Book Bundle by Melissa Foster! Take a LOOK!

ALL of us have one author in our lives who is near and dear our hearts, and this author, to me, is Melissa Foster. When I first started blogging over 2-1/2 years ago, Melissa's books were some of the very first books I reviewed for her, and they turned out to become my favorites, and always will be! Her writing is outstanding, her characters like your sister or best friend, her stories  creative, and the suspenseful ones throw you for a curve you'll NEVER have expected!
On a personal level, Melissa has become a great friend of mine. I can talk to her about anything, and enjoy her friendship very much. She is truly one of the happiest people I know, which is truly reflected in her writing as well.
Many of you love her books, as well. You will be happy to know she IS working on another, and plans on releasing it soon. In celebration of this NEW book that will be coming shortly, she has bundled all 3 of these books she has written into 'ONE BOXED SET'! This is what I would LOVE to introduce to you, or make you aware of! This is a collection of "ALL" of her books so far, and this set has a 5-star rating on both Amazon amd on Goodreads! So, here they are! Available wherever books are sold! I will have the DIRECT LINK to Amazon at the bottom of this post as well!
If for yourself, or as a gift to someone special such as your mother, a girlfriend, your teen or adult daughter, this 3 Book Bundle will give you HOURS of PURE READING PLEASURE! I promise! To top it off, this set is ONLY $5.99, which breaks down to ONLY $1.97 per book! Amazing price!
Immerse yourself and enjoy!
Here are some short synopsis' about the books from Goodreads, AND ALL of the awards these books have won!
Thank YOU, Melissa, for putting this 3 Book Bundle together for us to purchase! This is the BEST bundle of books I could/would EVER think of! It's simply the BEST!

Now available in ONE volume, THREE award-winning family dramas by international bestseller Melissa Foster. 

Included in this 3-book Collection are these best selling books are:

Chasing Amanda
Come Back to Me
Megan's Way

Along with ALL of the AWARDS she has won for her writing in these short synopsis'. 

CHASING AMANDA (Mystery/Suspense):

FINALIST, (2) READERS FAVORITE AWARD: Women's Fiction, Mystery

One child murdered, another missing. Potentially lethal small town secrets revealed.

Molly Tanner didn't realize she was witnessing a child abduction, until three days later when the child's body was found. She escapes the city--and the memories--and relocates to the safety of a small town. Several years later another child disappears. This time Molly cannot turn her back--she risks those that she loves most and her own safety to try and save the missing child.

COME BACK TO ME (Romantic Suspense)

FINALIST, Readers Favorite Award, Contemporary Romance
FINALIST, Kindle Book Review Best Indie Books Award 
FINALIST, Next Generation Indie Book Awards

An ocean apart, a young pregnant wife tries to move on after hearing of her husband's death. Her husband, found near dead in the middle of the desert by two Iraqi women who are escaping honor killings, takes a treacherous trek to find his way back home. 

MEGAN'S WAY (Literary Fiction)

FINALIST, Next Generation Indie Book Awards: New Age

What would you give up for someone you love? 
A single mother's journey through illness, her daughter's will to survive, and a circle of friends shrouded in secrets. Megan's Way explores the depths of the mother-daughter bond, the intricacies of friendship, and the reality that some lies tear relationships apart, while others bind them together.

Love, Lies, & Mystery! A 3 Book Bundle (CHASING AMANDA; COME BACK TO ME; MEGAN'S WAY) by +Melissa Foster 

Ebook only $5.99
(ONLY $1.97 per book!)

SAVOR AND ENJOY THESE BOOKS! You'll NEVER forget each one! May I suggest one thing? Save "Come Back to Me" for last. You'll know why after you've read them ALL! 
As SOON as her NEW book is available, I'll be the FIRST to let you know! You can count on that!

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