Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review on The Bible Search Engine

The Bible Search Engine   by Pamela L. McQuade  
**release date is May 1, 2011
***** 5 Stars!!!!
This e-book was provided to me by Barbour Publishing in exchange for my writing a review of my opinion of the book, either positive or negative.  I give this book a positive review!  This is a great book to refer to when you want to look up a word in the Bible to see what it means and/or where it is located in the Bible.  It may be located in many places in the Bible,  and this book lists where they  are all at, in all the books of the Bible, by the name of the books and the chapter and verse number.  The book is set up alphabetically, just like a dictionary.  This is great!  I kept thinking of words to look up and the definition was there mixed in with the Bible verse, helping you better understand the word as it is applied to each verse in the Bible!  This is going to be a great reference tool while reading the Bible, or if you have a question about a certain topic, or even at a Bible Study you are doing yourself or attending with others.  You could even be in church listening to a sermon and have this book with you when the Pastor refers to a certain topic, you can be ahead of him and look the word up and find where it is located in the Bible and go there.  The book is set up alphabetically just like a dictionary.  All you have to do is look the word up under the letter it starts with, again, just like a dictionary, and it pops up.  So far, everything I have thought of to look up has been right in the book.  This book is so neat, you could actually sit down and read it cover to cover.  It is not monotonous as it is broken up with photos corresponding to the word you have looked up.  This is a really neat and useful tool to have in your library.  As I mentioned above, I had an e-book format to review, but I would suggest the 'actual' book and not an e-book format for this book.  It is just easier to have the actual book available and to be able to share it with others if need be.  You would also be able to use the copy machine to copy certain words to provide to your Bible Study group, etc.  Reference books like this are nice to have in a hard-copy book format, at least in my opinion.
Thanks for reading my review! 
Laurie Carlson

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