Sunday, April 10, 2011


Good Sunday Afternoon!
From Monday, May 1- Sunday, May 8th, join in in a Spring Blog Carnival!!!
This is sponsored by three other Bloggers, one of them being !!  Check out her site!  It's nice!  This is a "Blog Hop"!  Where you can 'hop' from Blog to Blog!  You can enter Giveaways, Contests, and Challenges.  I am not sure what the challenges are, as they will all be different, but it sure sounds like FUN!  There will be OVER 150 different Blogs participating!  I'm going to participate myself! 
In addition to my Blog Tours already scheduled, I am also participating in this Blog HOP!  What is a Blog Hop?  This is where there are 150+ Bloggers with Blog Sites who are ALL participating in hopping from Blog to Blog and reading each others' reviews on the books we have recently read!
This is only a few weeks away, so mark your calendars!!! 
I will be posting a review on the book:  "Growing Up Amish, A Memoir" by Ira Wagler.  This is a Non-Fiction Book, based upon the author's life experiences.
I will have a BOOK GIVEAWAY also!  TBA on  the day it starts.  In order to participate in my book giveaway, you need to become a Follower!!!  If you are already a follower, please just comment after the book review and you will be entered!!
You HAVE to stop by and read my review on this book.  This is NOT your Amish novel.  This is by an author who really 'did grow up Amish, in the Old Order Church'.  He did end up leaving his community, as we hear of in the novels that are written.  What we don't know from those novels are the details!  We follow this man from his birth to middle age, where he is now, writing about his past. 
I started reading this book, and if I had the opportunity, I would never have put this down until I was finished reading it!  This book is SO good!  I was carrying my Kindle around the house reading it!!!  It is quite the eye opener!  Eye opening because of how it 'really is'.
Join me!!!

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