Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Celebration of the Simple Life  By Wanda E. Brunstetter

This is a very nice devotional book, full of scripture, on topics of the celebrations of simple, everyday life.  Wanda Brunstetter uses the Amish lifestyle as an example for the simple daily life devotions she writes, and chooses Bible quotations that relate as closely as possible to the topic of her devotions.  She covers almost every topic of daily simple life that I can think of.  She makes it a point to explain that we, who are not Amish can relate to the daily simple life of the Amish as well, using the Bible quotes to reinforce her point.  Again, the Bible quotes are chosen as closely as she can get them to her quotations.  This would make a beautiful coffee table book to pick up and read every now and then, or even daily. It would also make a beautiful gift to give to a special person, friend, family member, or whoever is special in your life.  There is a nice page in the front of this book to write a special message to the person you are giving this book to. This book was provided to me to read in exchange for a review by NetGalley.  The review can be positive or negative and of my opinion.  I give this book a huge positive, and a 5-Star rating because the book is absolutely beautiful.  A GREAT coffe-table book, or even a book to sit down with after a long day and just escape life and relax with the beautiful photos and devotions. 
This book was provided to me in the form of an E-book, free of charge, via NetGalley in exchange for a review!
Laurie Carlson

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