Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Hawaian Island - Oahu

Oahu Revealed, The Ultimate Guide to Honolulu, Waikiki & Beyond by Andrew Doughty

This book is pricesless!  My Sister and Brother-In-Law live on the Island of Oahu.  My Father-In-Law just moved in with them there on the island, from his home state of Michigan.  He has Mesothelioma from working around asbestos.  He is on oxygen 24/7.  While living here in Michigan, the weather is not good for his health, with the humidity to the winter cold.  It made it really hard for him to breathe.  Here, in Michigan, he only had a 'possible' 3 months left to live.  Living here broke his marriage, lost his house, and his health completely plummeted.  He got an invitation from his daughter to move to Hawaii with them, knowing his health 'would improve' because of the weather there.  He is a now a NEW MAN!!!  Now he can go without Oxygen for several hours each day.  His worst day on Oahu is his best day in Michigan.  His health has imnproved SO much, the doctor's have now given him a wonderful outlook for his life!  The BEST thing he did for himself was to move to Oahu.  We are SO happy for him.
So, he bought this book for us at Amazon and had it shipped to us so we can see where he lives and know what he is talking about when we talk on the telephone! 
This book is wonderful!  VERY informative.  When we talk to him on the phone now, we can open this book to see what and where he is talking about!  This book covers every possible activity, place, history of the island, and more!  It is a great companion to learn about this island, part of the Hawaian Islands!  I give this book a '5' Star rating!  In use, it really works!  I would HIGHLY suggest this line of books by Wizard Publishing, Inc. for any place on the map that they have a book available on.
(Hopefully, one day, we will be able to go and visit our family there!  We'll know everything about the Island, plus from his personal experiences!  This is a priceless gift he gave us, as we miss him SO much, yet we KNOW this is the BEST for his health!  It does make us happy to know he will live a longer and much better quality of life living there.  Thank God for my husband's sister for taking him in!  Not to mention the Grandkids LOVE having Grandpa living with them!  And, the family dog!  That is his new buddy!)

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