Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thanks to EVERYONE who visited my blog and is a New Follower!

Thanks to everyone who visited my Blog Giveaway!!  Thanks to ALL of you who are NEW FOLLOWERS of mine!!  I "AM" working on joining all YOUR blogs, but it's taking some time!  I promised I would be Followers of yours by this weekend, but I didn't figure in cleaning and cooking for Easter dinner and all that!  I WILL JOIN YOUR BLOG!!!  I have a LOT of new followers, and I am SO excited!!! You know what else is taking me longer to get to ALL of you? I am reading your blogs!!!  I LOVE them ALL!  You all have unique blogs!  I love every one I go to to join!  What a lot of work we put into them, huh?  It is now 11:50pm and I can't keep my eyes open anymore! I need some shut-eye and will continue getting to yours tomorrow!  I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog!
Tomorrow, Monday, I will submit the entries at and they will determine the winners! I will contact you by Tuesday, the 26th!  Good luck!!!
My next BIG thing is the Spring Carnival Blog Hop!!!  Starts May 1st and goes to May 8th! I will have a review of the book "Growing Up Amish" by Ira Wagler. Wow! What a book!  It's about a man who grew up Amish and went through a LOT of grief and turmoil trying to decide if he wanted to join the Amish church or not.  You'll have to come and read my review!  Since I read that book, I came across a link on You Tube and watched several documentaries on the Amish.  I learned a LOT!  I will include that separately in my review!  I have the link saved if you want to watch the documentaries as well!  I have several Amish books to read and write reviews on.  I'm afraid while reading them, from what I have learned about the Amish church, it won't influence how I feel about reading them. I can honestly say that I 'can' separate my opinion about things while writing a review, so no worry there. I just hope I can 'enjoy' the stories as much now!  I'm sure I will!
I see some of you are also in this Spring Carnival Blog Hop, too!!  I will see you there!!!  Can't wait!!!
Thanks again!  Come back again and keep following!!!  MORE giveaways to come!!!

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