Saturday, April 9, 2011

I GOT MY KINDLE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to Everyone!
I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been playing with it ALL day today!!!!!!!
Me, NOT a fan of e-books HAS CHANGED AND I "LOVE" e-books!!!!!!!!
Me, who SWORE I would NEVER get into e-books, LOVES E-BOOKS!!!!!
I cannot believe how WONDERFUL this little contraption is!  What it does, what it can do and MORE!!!!!!  And reading on it is a DREAM!!!!!
I got some money for Christmas from my Dad and my Uncle.  I kept saving, and would give the kids money here and there and kind of had to keep starting over saving for it.  FINALLY!!!  I had enough.  It took me 4 months!!!
What was the REAL PRICE I PAID? 
I called Customer Service as I could not download a book I had to read and write a review on from a website.  My beautiful, just about 18 year old daughter, in 1 week, offered to make homemade pizza with her boyfriend!  WOW!!!  DELICIOUS!!! My 13 year old came home.  Well, let me tell you . . .  this was the 'real price'!!!  I went in the bedroom as I could not hear on the phone because my son's friend was with him.  4 kids in the house.  My husband had a meeting tonight and was not home.  Well . . .  do you know what Airsoft Guns are?  They are guns that shoot plastic bullets.  My son decided to load it with FLOUR!!!  He shot it at my daughter and her boyfriend.  UGH . . .  then he reloaded again.  He never took his wet, fully mudded shoes off, either.  Can you picture this?  Imagine . . . 
UGH!!!!  THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE!!!!!  OH MY!!!!!  HOW old is my son? 
Needless to say, the conversation got cut off short and Mom had to come to the rescue!
You all can go ahead and laugh!  It's okay!!!  I am just 'now' starting to laugh.  My daughter and her boyfriend were just about COMPLETELY white with flour.  They were mad and running after the 'little squirt'!  Flour and mud has 'coated' the house!  The cupboards are white, along with everything else.  The carpet is white mixed with mud. 
All for my Kindle!!!!!
Was it worth it????
Have a GREAT rest of the night!
I've cleaned what I can and the rest, well, my SON is cleaning tomorrow!!  Why?  He took off running to his friend's house to 'spend the night'!!!
Looking back, I think it was a good thing he left!!!!!  LOL!!!!
But, tomorrow, he will be using a TOOTHBRUSH to wash the kitchen floor with down on his hands and his knees!!!!  The joke is on HIM now!!!!!
Now I am enjoying my Kindle!!!
OH!  While he is scrubbing the floor with the toothbrush tomorrow, I will be sitting in a chair in the kitchen, READING MY KINDLE!!!!!!!


  1. hi Laurie! that's really wonderful. now you can download lots of free stuff from Amazon & other stores that's compatible with your ereader!
    have fun with it. enjoy your new "toy" and happy reading! c",)

  2. hi again Laurie! you should check out this link they always list down freebies and bargains from Amazon, Sony, etc. your e-library will definitely grow! enjoy c",)

  3. Hi Laurie, I am a new follower with BookBlogs! I think I may take your advice. My husband actually bought me a Nook last year for my birthday and I made him take it back because I like the physical books. I have been swaying in the last month ONLY I haven't decided on Kindle or Nook. It drives me NUTS that you can not buy a book with Amazon and load it into a Nook and you can not buy a BN book and load it into a Kindle. AHHHH!!! Anyways! Follow me back at

  4. Hi Mindy!
    I would NOT trade my Kindle for anything!!! I LOVE it!!!!
    I went to your site and am following you now!! I'll have to come back earlier in the day before my eyes go blurry for the day! LOL! No, it's almost midnight! I wanted to make sure to follow you! Thanks for visiting and following me!! I LOVE your site!! It IS cool!


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