Monday, August 18, 2014

Read-A-Thon "progress" for Monday, August 18th, 2014! #boutofbooks

READ-A-THON IS ON!!! Now through Sunday, August 24th, 2014 -  Over at Bout of Books you CAN STILL SIGN UP to participate until Wednesday at midnight! Click on that link and read more!

THIS IS MY PROGRESS FOR MONDAY, AUGUST 18th! #boutofbooks (that's the hashtag we are using!)

Yesterday I updated/edited my original post to include the hardcover book, Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched by Kim Barnouin for this week. Life occurred and I could not read it over the weekend like I thought I would be able to, so I added it on to THIS week! I did start reading it last night at "MIDNIGHT"! I LOVE that book!
I ended up having to do a few things (I know! It was LATE! It was 'after' midnight!) but my dog gets a snack every night, so I had to do that, wait for her to come in from outside, and a few other things that allowed me to carry my kindle around easier than the hardcover book, Skinny Bitch, so I switched over to The Hatmaker's Heart by Carla Stewart for 'ease of use' so I could continue to still read! It's an ebook, so it was so much easier to read while I did what I needed to do! I figured I would stick with that book for the rest of the wee hours of the morning and into the day today. It worked great in those wee hours because I was reading it on my Paperwhite and could turn my desk lamp off here next to my chair and if I fell asleep, I fell asleep! Here is my progress:

Progress: Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched by Kim Barnouin - 47 pages

The Hatmaker's Heart by Carla Stewart - 65% today! The night is not over yet!

Wow! What is it with the number 65??? Weird!!!

It's taking me FOREVER to read The Hatmaker's Heart because the main character is learning she has no backbone, and is now learning how to GET one! FINALLY!!! That only took to 65% to get where she is! UGH! I hate when a book is SO SLOW and it takes that LONG to get into the book before a character develops! It's SO EASY to get sidetracked when you have a book that isn't the greatest, isn't it?! I kept getting sidetracked! I'm going to try to finish it tonight, IF I can stay awake! It'll probably PUT me to sleep in a bit! LOL! If not tonight, then tomorrow! Kind of do anything to finish it! Seriously, it IS getting better NOW.

For this Read-A-Thon, there are games you can play, other websites you can visit and see what they are reading, and so much MORE over at Bout of Books 11 Day '1'! Click on THIS LINK HERE to read what the Challenges they had today and the other things you can do! It's SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!
I DID TRY to participate in the Twitter Party, Hosted by Book Bender! I tried for the one in the evening which is CST, what I 'thought' was a 1 hour time difference from me here in EST. I might have had the time wrong. It said it started at 7:30pm CST and I went there at 8:30 EST, but I couldn't see anyone tweeting??? I probably goofed the time up?? Anyway, I missed it, and BOO-HOO!!! It sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! Tomorrow I am going to try to do it again, and one of the Challenges, too!
One of today's Challenges was to take a photo of yourself, but I don't have a camera! Except for the camera on this computer. 
No! I don't own a cell phone!!! LOL!!! We don't have a need for one. Hubby only works 3 miles away from work, and we don't talk to each other when he is working because it's the LAW! LOL! Just kidding, but no, employees cannot use their cell phones. Besides, after you've been married over 10 years now, plus dated for 1-1/2 years prior, you really don't NEED to talk to your spouse right then and there! It can wait! LOL!!! Although, I often WISH when he goes grocery shopping he had one because I forget to add things to the list! If ONLY . . . ! Darn!
Well, see you tomorrow with more updates!!
Feel free to leave a comment!
See you tomorrow!

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