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Read-A-Thon #boutofbooks11 Reading Update: Day 5/Update 4 - Book Chain Challenge

           Thanks goes to Bout of Books for sponsoring this Read-A-Thon!

CHALLENGE TODAY! Sponsored by: Christian Bookshelf Reviews
(I am copying and pasting the directions here from her blog)

It's called a BOOK CHAIN!

You must link four books by using the last word of the previous title to the first word of the next one. To start, pick a book (ANY book; your choice!) and start linking! A, An, and The don't count, so if your book starts with one of those, just use the next word. To make this challenge tougher, you can decide to only use books you've read within the last twelve months - but that's not a requirement.

Here's an example:

In Perfect Time by Sarah Sundin
(A) Time To Love by Barbara Cameron
Love Comes Home by Ann H. Gabhart
Home To You by Cheryl Wolverton


Okay! Here I go! I am going to use books I have for review purposes, but if I can't find one, I will then choose a book I've read within the last year. Hmmm? What book should I start with? I'm thinking! LOL! How about the book I'm reading now? Yeah!

Laurie's Book Chain

What It Was Like by Peter Seth (final book - due out 8-26!)
(The) Last Breath by Kimberly Belle (ebook ARC - due out Sept 30!)
Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs (ebook ARC - due out Sept 23!)
Lies You Wanted to Hear by James Whitfield Thomson (ebook ARC - released Nov 5, 2013)

I did it! PAINLESS! No, I just lucked out! LOL! Here are the photos of the books:

               What It Was Like by Peter Seth - Currently Reading!

                   The Last Breath by Kimberly Belle

                  Bones Never Lie by Kathy Reichs

                 Lies You Wanted to Hear by James Whitfield Thomson
What I am reading UPDATE: Yesterday morning, Wednesday, at the doctor appointment I had (I had stayed up ALL night the previous night READING! Darned good book! The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar!) and I only got about 3 hours of sleep. I got home, couldn't stay awake for anything, and took a nap. 
Confession: It was Thursday night, and Thursday nights are "Project Runway" night!!!!! Yes! I did not read much, but come on! It's Project Runway! I watched it twice! LOL! I LOVE that show! LOVE it!
I am SO angry at my parents and my High School! Had I known WAY back in High School that there was a design school for sewing - I would have gone in a second - FLAT! NO ONE told me about Parson's School of Fashion, or whatever the name of it was back then! I had been sewing ALL my own clothing since I too a Home Economics class and started with my first apron and pillow! I LOVED to sew!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I was ALWAYS sewing! Even my friends thought I was strange because I would rather stay IN the house on the weekends SEWING rather than hanging out with them! It's TRUE! When you sew, you can have ANYTHING you want! That's why I sewed! Ditch those designer clothes because I have my OWN clothes! HA!
So instead, my school counselor knew I LOVED to do hair, too, but what the heck? HE knew I LOVED to sew! Why didn't HE bring up Parson's??? I would have been RICH by now, and the fashion blogs would be showing my designs, NOW, STILL!! 
Funny story here. I was on the freeway, went under a sign which put us in the lane to New York. The guy I was dating had nothing to do, no work for a few days and I WANTED TO DRIVE STRAIGHT THROUGH TO NEW YORK! I didn't care what my parents thought of me being with that guy, because at that very moment, I was going to New York! YES!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend said "NO WAY!" he PUT THE BREAKS UNDER ME!!! NOOOO!!! DARN!!! I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT! I would have found Parson's!!!
YEARS later when Project Runway came on TV and there was Parsons IN New York!!!!!! Wow!!!!
If you are a young person reading this - don't EVER allow ANYONE to steer you in THEIR direction of your life! There are places out there you have never heard of! Make sure your school counselors KNOW EVERYTHING YOU LOVE TO DO, even if regular college is 'not your thing'. 
I did get my Cosmetology College License and worked at that for about 2-1/2 to 3 years, but it came down one month to NOT being able to make my $100 car payment. I quit the hair shop, did hair on the side and IN the offices of the NEW office position I got! (In High School I had taken all business classes, typing, shorthand everything a Secretary needs to know! I DID make those car payments!!
After the 2nd Project Runway was over, I did go to bed! I did not get much reading in yesterday, about 50 pages!
See you tomorrow!

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