Monday, August 25, 2014

Read-A-Thon #boutofbooks11 is now OVER! This is my WRAP-UP POST - Day 7!

This Read-A-Thon was sponsored by Bout of Books and some Challenges were sponsored by other blogs. Those sponsors are stated on every Post I have written - where I have thanked them for sponsoring that Challenge!

This Read-A-Thon is now OVER! Time for a WRAP-UP POST, SO READ ON!

I participated in several of the Challenges, and if you want to see which ones, you can click on these posts which are in the Archives and see what I did! Each day I wrote ONE post which included BOTH the Challenge and the Update, so it should be easy for you to find the posts in the Archive under the month of August!

As for reading - the original post of books I was going to read was HERE!, and boy did the list change! My mood changed and I wanted to read a different book! You can read MORE about this book HERE! - it's called In Her Wake by K A Tucker! It is at the END of the post. It is a prequel to Ten Tiny Breaths by K A Tucker, and should be read after Ten Tiny Breaths. Two of the books I did NOT read, and I added one I will post what I read HERE in this post!

The FIRST book I read was:

The Hatmaker's Heart by Carla Stewart
Started this book Monday, 8-18-14
Finished it Tuesday, 8-19-14
320 pages

The second book I read was: 

The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar
Started 8-19-14 after finishing the above book
Finished Wednesday, 8-20-14
400 pages

The third book I read was:

What It Was Like by Peter Seth
Started this on Thursday, 8-21-14
Finished this on Saturday, 8-23-14
462 pages

The fourth book I 'started' (and highlighted because it will be a NEW Release on Tuesday, September 2nd!) is:
In Her Wake by K A Tucker
Started: 8-24-14
NOT finished for this Challenge.
I only got to 34% on the Kindle which I figured out each % was 4 pages, so that would make it around about 136 pages.
This NEW book releases on Tuesday, September 2nd! 

Total books read: 3.5
Pages read: 1,316
Reviews to follow this week and next on their Release Dates!

This was my progress from day-to-day:

I LOVED this Read-A-Thon! What will I change for next time? Well, if it is a book for review and the publisher wants the review posted ON the Release Date, I WILL write the review for MYSELF immediately AFTER finishing the book. I'm already starting to forget some of the TINY details of the first book, although I didn't thin as highly of the first book as I did the 2nd and especially the 3rd books I read!
That is the ONLY thing I would change! OH! WAIT! I want to do ALL of the Challenges next time! I LOVED doing the Challenges! So, TWO things to do different next time!
I also learned a LOT about HOW this challenge WORKS! How we post that day for the PREVIOUS day, which is only right because you could possibly finish a book like I did, and then the stats would have been off!
I also learned to keep the Challenge posts SEPARATE from the UPDATE posts! I combined both together in ONE post each day, and I should NOT have done that. Oh, well. Next time I WILL keep them separate!
Again, HUGE THANKS to Bout of Books! Can't WAIT until the next Read-A-Thon!
Bye for now!

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