Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#boutofbooks Read-A-Thon! Update for Tuesday 8-19 to Sunday, August 24th!

Hi Everyone! Here is my Update for Day #2 for the Read-A-Thon! I DID finish The Hatmaker's Heart by Carla Stewart! Yeah! I'll write my review for this book NEXT week so I can READ, READ, READ this week!

                                       DONE! 8-19-14!
                                       320 pages

Now I'm back to Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched by Kim Barnouin! I'm at around 47 pages! I was wrong the other day when I said I was on page 65! Oooops! It's in the other room - but I have it now! Now corrected! I should finish that by tomorrow - maybe! It sures reads a LOT faster than the one I just finished! I like it a LOT more, too!

                                             READING NOW!    

The next book I have listed is Shaking Out the Dead, but I am going to have to change that to The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar because that Release Date is August 26th. I WANT to keep on target. I already missed Shaking Out the Dead's release date, but if I can keep the next two books after that on schedule/track, I'll be doing GREAT! That is my goal! Plus, regardless of the goal, I am going to finish Shaking Out the Dead AFTER this Read-A-Thon! I promised that book, and I WILL read and review that, too!

There are SO MANY NEW books releasing SO quickly within the next few weeks, I think I'm going to fall behind a little. My target is ALWAYS the Release Date. I get VERY frustrated when I miss that release date! Drives me crazy! I then need to tell myself to relax, it's okay! LOL! ANY review is welcome no mater what time it is!

That's all for today except for the Update below! See you tomorrow!

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