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It's a "Read-A-Thon!" Monday August 18 to Sunday August 24th! #iamreading This is what I'm reading!

Bout of Books

Thanks to Bout of Books, her blog will be Hosting this event! if YOU want to participate, click on that LINK and go sign up!
So, next week starting Monday, August 18th and all the way through to Sunday, August 24th we will be reading, reading, reading! #boutofbooks  Watch for that HASHTAG! I'll be posting updates! I have a LOT of books to read, too, so this is PERFECT TIMING for me! Here are the specs from the hosting blog!

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 18th and runs through Sunday, August 24th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 11 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team.

My Tweet!

Yes! This is what I have been working on this week as well just on my own! How PERFECT can this be!!! 
So these are the books I will be reading. I may or may not get to ALL of these books, (we have the Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop starting on Wednesday and it runs to the next week, Aug 27th at midnight) but I sure AM going to give it a good GO! I'm REALLY going to push it, and push it HARD! I have to catch up as I am somewhat behind, but doesn't it seem like ALL of us book bloggers always seem to be running behind? LOL! 
The really neat thing about this Read-A-Thon is I plan to continue even after it's over! Yes, I have lightly scheduled September to do just that. Read, read, and read some more! I have so many books I requested from NetGalley, and books I have received from publishers, I need to get even busier reading! I've got a good rhythm going over these last few weeks, so I'm going to keep it up! I should be able to catch up and be able to accept more books from the Indie's AND books on my TBR list! I am SO looking forward to that!

Read-A-Thon Books!
After my update - see below - and having to add that one book to Sunday night at midnight, ('if' I'm awake! LOL!) it will now be at SIX books for this week when I usually read 2-3 books a week! (Who knows? Maybe plans will change!) Although, the only thing I need to do this week is check my email and READ! I may have 6 books listed here, but now maybe the last two are a 'maybe', we'll see? I'm going to be POSITIVE and think to myself I CAN do it ALL! If you look down below at the bottom of this list of books under REVIEWS you will see what I am doing about them!

*Update - this book below WILL end up being a part of the Read-A-Thon after all. I 'had' it listed as currently reading it, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I won't be reading that book this weekend unless circumstances change. I'm moving it into the beginning of next week FOR the Read-A-Thon! 

*Skinny Bitch Gets Hitched by Kim Barnoun - (See Update up above) by Gallery Books, a Division of Simon and Schuster. I LOVE this cover!!! I LOVE this book! Some may see this book's title and write it off as possibly not having a good story line, but let me tell you it's QUITE the opposite! I am LOVING this story! It will appeal to many! You'll have to catch my review about it!
I was in a Giveaway Hop (this last one that just ended, the 'Beach Reads', and I am giving this away AFTER I am done reading and reviewing it! Keep yourself updated here at the blog for the #review and the #winner OR on my Facebook page (in the RIGHT side column! Or, at Laurie Here - Contemporary Fiction and MORE

The Hatmaker's Heart by Carla Stewart
Released on June 24th - I've been DYING to read this one!

Shaking Out the Dead by K M Cholewa
Released June 24th
(Story Plant's "Spread the Word Initiative! The Story PlantLooks spooky, huh! 
I LOVE Story Plant's books! They never disappoint! I have never had one book from them I did not like!
(I NEED to get this one read as it released on June 24th. I had so many that released on and around that date, this one came after I had promised to review the others, so I'm going to catch up on this one!)

The Hidden Girl by Louise Millar
I started this a while ago, but I might have to start over. We'll see. From what I read so far, I know I REALLY liked it!

Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie
Released July 13th, 2013 (I have the ARC) I lost this book and recently found it! It's about time I get this one read!

What It Was Like by Peter Seth  
The Story Plant 'Spread the Word Iniative' - I may or may not get to this one, as this one is almost 500 pages, but I thought I would at least post it to show you it's coming! It will be next on my list IF it's after the Read-A-Thon so I can post the Review on the Release Date which is September 2nd, so mark your calendars, OR pre-order this one! It promises to be an excellent read!

REVIEWS - I may or may not be post them this week as they take time away from reading, but I WILL post the book and the cover showing I read the book! ALL reviews might be posted the following week so I can read, read, and read next week! That is the point of a Read-A-Thon, after all! I'll keep you posted!

Want to see how I do each day? Come to THIS POST (this is the post in the LEFT SIDE BAR) and I will add the LINK for each day BELOW HERE! You can click on each LINK for each day and it will take you to that day! Here we go!


Keep following out Updates and Challenges! This ends SUNDAY, August 24th, 2014! This may leave one Update and one Wrap-Up Post! Next you - YOU join in on this fun!


  1. I want to read Close My Eyes as well. It sounds like a great read! I hope you have a great read-a-thon :)

    1. Hi Samantha!
      Yes! It does sound great, doesn't it! I have the ARC and lost it, but recently found it FINALLY! It was behind the first row of books on my bookshelf! LOL! Yes, I have a 'few' books that I have to make 2 ROWS of books on each shelf! LOL!
      I can't WAIT to finish reading it! We'll have to compare notes!
      I wish YOU a great Read-A-Thon, too!! Have fun reading away!
      Thanks for commenting, too!


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