Sunday, February 7, 2016

The #Weekly #Post #4! #Updates at the #blog for this upcoming #week starting 2/8!

Welcome everyone! It's GREAT to see you! I'm late in getting this posted today! Now it's well AFTER NOON! SO SORRY!!! I did not get this written last night like I should have so it would go out to all of you today, NOR did I get this written earlier today, so probably very few of you may read this??? I hope MORE than LESS of you get to read it, though!

This is late because I was SO lucky in that my son and his girlfriend came over last night and stayed over again! I'm getting used to this, and I'm LOVING it!!! I KNOW ALL of YOU MOM'S out there just LOVE this, too! We don't get to see our kids often enough at these ages, so when we do, it's just WONDERFUL!!!
My son took a job where he is hanging fiber optic cable for Comcast and other companies, so he's riding along in a boom down the streets and climbing phone poles. It's pretty darned COLD outside to be doing that right now, but the money is GREAT and he LOVES it!!! Can't fault him for that at all! A happy employee is an awesome employee! He IS in his element! Hands-on jobs are what he LOVES!

Oh, this last week was AWFUL! I ended up with that flu. I had to stop in at the family dr's office the week before, and as SOON as I opened the door, there was a man on the other side who wasn't feeling so well, and yep! You got it, I got sneezed on, along with a cough! I KNEW I was DEAD after that! Where were HIS hands after he was JUST diagnosed with the FLU??? HELLO??? He should have WASHED HIS HANDS ASAP! HE SHOULD HAVE wash had Kleenex or some type of tissue in his hands being he now KNOWS he had the flu! Funny thing was the doctor came running after him shaking MASKS FOR HIM TO WEAR!!! Ugh!!!!!!! People! I got hit with this last Sunday, and today is the next Sunday, and now I feel GREAT!!!!!!!!!! It was a HORRID week, but now it's OVER and now AMAZING DAYS AND WEEKS AHEAD!!!! I am back to . . . reading and books! The BEST thing on this earth!!!

The latest Stacking the Shelves for NEW books I've gotten is HERE! It is from yesterday! I LOVE that post! Also, if you click on the Sponsor's name which is also the link, it will take you to the original article that has a linky list which has ALL of the people who do that post too, and you can hop around and see if there are any BIG books out there, books that are the BEST to read, etc.! That is always so much fun! Try it out sometime!! It's AMAZING at how many books some people get, too! I was on one blog yesterday where she HAD to have gotten 30 books or MORE in ONE week! She said she was a little behind in posting her books, but still! Wow! Sometimes I worry and think what people will think about ALL the books I list, but I'm not worrying about that anymore, EVER! LOL! It's neat because sometimes you end up seeing the same book over and over again - THAT is a book to check out!

GIVEAWAYS!!! In the LEFT side column always! There are a TON there this week! Some of them go to Valentine's Day!!! LOVE! Awwww!

*ONE Giveaway - the CATS COLORING BOOK ENDS FEB 8th AT MIDNIGHT! Get your entries in NOW, especially if you LOVE cats! You'll get to color them!

*One #BlogHop! Romance is in the Air! Enter my book giveaway then HOP on to ALL the other blogs in this #BlogHop!

*One #Giveaway of $250 #Amazon #eCard OR #PayPal #CASH!

UPCOMING REVIEWS - Reviews GALORE are coming this week!!! I have SO MANY I will be doubling and/or tripling up on some days! Make sure to keep your eyes on the blog! There 'could be' giveaways, I'm not sure with these? Come check!

I HOPE you caught my Post about the COMPUTER HACKERS that were after me HERE! Wow! They were a pain in my rear SO bad they were so loud and called me EVERY DAY!!! They are Chinese, NOTHING AGAINST CHINESE PEOPLE, IT'S JUST TO HELP YOU RECOGNIZE THEM, and you cannot be wrong about them because of their accent, it's a PURE giveaway as to WHO THEY ARE!!! You know how their voices just sound like the same thing is being said over and over! It goes on and on, so PLEASE READ THE POST and also keep in mind "EVERYTHING you have been taught" about these people. They just want to rip you off! "THEY" ARE THE HACKERS, NOT YOU!! THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WANT TO GET "YOUR" PRIVATE INFORMATION! DON'T END UP BEING A VICTIM AND FALL FOR IT!!! STAY SAFE!!!

PLEASE HELP WATCH OUT FOR YOUR ELDERLY RELATIVES! Keep an eye on them, and actually come right out and ask them if ANYONE has called them about their computer.
If I were you, I would sit down with them and explain in a way they can understand that if anyone calls them regarding their computer to call YOU!
My 95yr old Uncle got taken for a few THOUSAND dollars, but he never told us about it! It was one of those things where we could not read his mind in order to know that it was happening. Yes, eventually the Hackers worked their way to us, BUT, it took MONTHS! Also, we knew better where he was scared to death, and I can understand HOW they scare people to death doing it because what they told ME was scary if I wasn't on my toes!

I will see you tomorrow, Monday, with a NEW review! You'll have to wait and see what book I review!
Take care!


  1. I always wait until Sunday morning to finsih my post as I offer free books and need to make sure they're still free before posting. I hope you feel better soon. There are some nasty bugs out there and so many people are getting sick. Getting plenty of rest seems to be the best thing to do.

    My Sunday Post -

  2. Thanks, Laura! Thanks for stopping by, too! You must have to get up early on Sunday to check the books, huh? You are dedicated! I'll have to check your blog out if I don't already! I'll check it out later today and see what you do! Thanks for letting me know what you do! The Stacking the Shelves seems to work out the best for me for everything, even the day! This one has been the most comfortable fit for me. Now, to catch up writing reviews! I'm SO behind writing them! I'm off to do that shortly, after I wake up a little more! You guys need to be able to understand them! LOL! It's only 5:30am on a Tuesday! LOL! Good luck with ALL you do!


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