Saturday, February 27, 2016


Welcome everyone! I have a few things I want to share with you really quick!
First, please look in the LEFT SIDE COLUMN at ALL the #Giveaways I have going on ALL AT THE SAME TIME! LOTS!! This upcoming week I have another! What will it be? It will be for YOU to find out!

This week Monday is (WORLD) RARE DISEASE DAY!!! I suffer from one of these orphan diseases and LOVE to celebrate this day each year to bring awareness to them to YOU so you know about them! WHO EVER THOUGHT "I" WOULD HAVE GOTTEN A RARE DISEASE??? NOT ME - OH, WAIT!! YES, I 'AM' SUFFERING FROM ONE! UNBELIEVABLE BUT BELIEVABLE! COME SEE WHAT THEY ARE IN CASE "YOU" MAY HAVE ONE! Or possibly a family member or a friend, the list goes on and on and on. If ANYONE out there has an illness that cannot be diagnosed, THEY JUST MIGHT HAVE ONE OF THESE RARE DISEASES! I'll tell you where to go to look them up, too!

MORE INFO TO COME MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29th! I HOPE to see you! Thanks!!
Know someone with a rare disease? Give them double hugs!! They NEED them! Perhaps do something special for them, a visit to their house, or even ask if there is some housework they really need done they can't do, (like vacuuming! Hint, hint!!! My hubby is GREAT with so MUCH stuff, but that does get overlooked at times, and I just cannot do it.) You would make their day!!! I cannot EXPRESS ENOUGH how much doing ONE little thing like that for them would make their day!

I HOPE to see you back on Monday! I have MORE information, especially for those of you who have not been ABLE to find a diagnosis for whatever is ailing you! It just might be one of these rare diseases. You NEVER think it's YOU who could suffer from this, but . . . YEP! It very well COULD be you!

Okay! Give extra hugs/kisses!! I'll see you Monday with more!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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