Monday, January 12, 2015

Women's #Fiction #ReadingChallenge 2015!

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This challenge is for those who enjoy reading women's fiction.  How might you define this type of book?  I define it as any book that is mainly written for women (although that doesn't stop men reading them),  they may contain elements of romance but the book mainly centres around the development of women or a woman throughout the book.  Women centered books, that might focus on the issues relating to women, it may be a mainstream novel, slightly less or slightly more.  This website probably best describes what I am thinking of Women Fiction Writers.  

The Romance Writers of America organization defines women's fiction as, "a commercial novel about a woman on the brink of life change and personal growth. Her journey details emotional reflection and action that transforms her and her relationships with others, and includes a hopeful/upbeat ending with regard to her romantic relationship."

Take whichever definition suits you - both of the ones linked above or write your own definition  in your challenge post and then join in.

  • Motivated 1- 5
  • Savvy     6 - 10
  • Classy    11- 20
  • Go-getter  20 -30 I am going to dedicate over 20 books to Women's Fiction.
  • Fearless  30+
Books may overlap with other challenges. Any format of book is fine.  Choose your level and write a commitment post or set aside a Goodreads shelf for this challenge, if you don't have a blog or would prefer to work that way.

There will be a link for reviews although reviews are not a condition of completing the challenge, they are just an extra: 
January to June - (
This is a place where you can link up reviews during the year - January to June.  There will be two link ups during the year.  One from January to June and the other from July to December.)

At the end of each link up there will be a $12 draw for either a Book Depository book choice or Amazon gift voucher.

Reviews are not mandatory but this is one link up where I will be really looking forward to reading the reviews.  Not that I need to add to my groaning shelves but I am a bookaholic!

There will be a final link up post at the end for those who complete their challenge. All those who complete the challenge will go into the draw for a $25 prize to be in the form of a book from the Book Depository or voucher for U.S. Amazon store.  A Gone Reading voucher is also an option. (If you have not gone to Gone Reading, the link provided in the previous sentence, it is SO worth checking out! WOW, is all I can say!)

Sign ups are open until mid October 2015
The challenge goes from 1st January 2015 to December 31st 2015


  1. Looks like an interesting challenge. Good luck!

    1. Hi Cynthia!
      Thanks for coming by and commenting! Yes! The Women's Fiction Challenge sounds great, doesn't it! I LOVE reading Women's Fiction, especially through the late Winter, Spring and Summer! Summer is my FAVE time of the year for it! Long, hot, summer days reading about other families! Can't WAIT to find some GREAT books to fit this challenge, and I alsready have a few authors in mind, too!
      I haven't been getting much reading done as I've been setting up my Challenges! Now I'm done and can get back to reading, findally!
      Hope you like the Challenge throughout the year!
      Thanks, again!

  2. Thanks for joining this challenge, I really look forward to reading the reviews people do leave to add to my groaning shelves too!!

    1. Hi Kathryn!
      SO GLAD you stopped by!!! Thank YOU for holding this Challenge!!! I'm SO excited that you are having a Women's Fiction Challenge! There are not many out there for Women's Fiction! YOU are a GEM!
      Yes, I have the same problem! Groaning shelves that want to be read! LOL!
      I'll be seeing you!


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