Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Winter's Respite Read-A-Thon! Jan 26th to Feb 1st, 2015! Come join us!

From our Sponsor, Season's of Reading!, which is Michelle at True Book Addict and from Castle Macabre! This is what Michelle has to say about this Winter's Respite 2015 Read-A-Thon!

Hi Everyone! You do NOT have to do "this post" in order to sign-up for the Winter's Respite Read-A-Thon, but I always find for my ease, and yours, that it is best if I do do it like this and I can look back HERE easily in case I need anything, (especially the Twitter hashtag and handle! LOL!)
Plus, I LOVE to ADVERTISE THESE! You CAN write one of these up, but if you write out a "Goals Post" for what you are going to read, link it in this SAME LINKY - just ADD "GOALS POST" after your name. That way when they see you have '2' links signed up, they know one is to sign up and the other is your Goals Post. Michelle says it's good to post a "Goal Post" so people know what your plans are, what you are going to be reading, etc.!
You have until Friday, January 30th, during the Read-A-Thon to sign-up!  PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES HERE because it answers everything! This is where I have gotten a lot of this information. Here is what Michelle has to say!
A Winter's Respite is just around the corner. Yikes! I hope you're ready to come in from the cold and curl up with a good book, or two.
So...official dates are January 26 through February 1.
Guidelines for the read-a-thon can be found HERE or you can access in the tab at the top of the blog. Any information you need about the read-a-thon can be found there. (Click on the word 'blog' OR 'HERE' to go to the website.)
We will have one Twitter chat - I will announce the date and time in the starting post. 
The Twitter Handle is @SeasonsofReading
The Twitter hashtag is #WintersRespite
Please do be sure to check the guidelines HERE! , as it explains all about signing up and starting the read-a-thon. 
Sign up in the linky below (HERE). Be sure to grab the button at the top of this post (there's also a grab code below the button in the sidebar HERE!).
Michelle is looking for prize donations so if anyone would like to contribute, let her know in the Contact Form at the many links to the blog.
Authors, this is a great way to promote your book! Contact me via the contact form link just below the header.
Sign up HERE! I'll see you back here for this Read-A-Thon!

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