Saturday, January 3, 2015

#BannedWords Does it affect us and the books we read?

               Photo credits go to Huffington Post books from the article posted below

According to the Huffington Post, the January 2nd, 2015 edition, the original article found HERE the from Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, the college has published it's 40th Annual List of 'words we are supposed to excise from our vocabulary' for 2015.

(The following is from the college's website)
"Through the years, LSSU has received tens of thousands of nominations for the list, which now includes more than 800 entries. This year's list is culled from nominations received mostly through the university's website. Word-watchers target pet peeves from everyday speech, as well as from the news, fields of education, technology, advertising, politics and more. A committee makes a final cut in late December."

MY THOUGHTS for a word and they will be in parenthesis ( . . . )

Here are the banned words!

*BAE (Before Anyone Else)

*Polar Vortex - (YEAH!!! Now that I've checked out the weather today as we've had snow, ice and rain, in a few days we will have a blast of arctic air coming in and settling down. Guess what? They did NOT use the word 'Polar Vortex'! LOL!)

*Hack - from over-use and mis-use -

*Skill-Set why two words when one will do: skill

*Swag - Meaningless word used in various forms with no real depth
foodie - such as calling people who like wine as 'winies' or beer lovers as 'beeries' - (what about our author/book swag???)

*foodie - is this a Michigan thing? Graydeon DeCamp from Elk Rapids, MI, says "I crave good sleep, so does this make me a 'sleepie'?"

*Curate or Curated - reserved for fine arts or museums (Anyone care to expand on this one? This is the first I've heard of this one!)

*friend-raising (I'm not familiar with this one, either. Anyone?)

*Cra-cra - Short term for crazy. Kids are using this one, or just Cra. (Another nice little texting word! Hello?)

*Enhanced Interrogation - (huh?)

*Takeaway - those darn newscasters! THEY are the one's using this one!

*Nation - A suffering sports suffix - sports teams are referring themselves as an individual 'nation'.

The End of the #BANNEDWORDS - Thank gosh!

#Amazing Not ONLY do we have #bannedbooks we get #bannedwords . . . What have our colleges come to??? Or, leave it to #Michigan . . . ! I wonder if these people in this position look forward to this every year? OR, do they get a GRANT to make this list? Just me, wondering!

So what do YOU think? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I think banning words is as stupid as banning books. I would not personally use those particular words because they annoy me, but to each their own, right?


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