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Between the Covers! The HOTTEST New Adult book from today's HOT authors - REVIEW

My Take:
5 Stars!
Between the Covers of . . .  "BOOKS", that is! What else would be between the covers mean? LOL! With the cover of this book the way it is, it does make you wonder, which I will address my disappoint in later. So why such a high rating? Because of the ability to be able to sample/read chapters of not just one, but TEN BOOKS! To have all these books in one place and get to read one chapter and most of the time up to three chapters of these books is amazing! Where else, or how else could you sample ALL of these books like this other than this book? Even when Amazon gives us a look inside a book it's never up to three chapters! We are lucky to get an entire chapter!
This book was brought about by the efforts of the publisher(s) to bring ALL of these authors' first couple or three chapters of their current books and some that will be coming out later this year into one big volume for us to enjoy by many of the big authors writing the New Adult genre out there! (This genre is meant for the ages of 18+. There are situations some of the characters get into that warrant this notation.)
We get A LOT more than what we ever could get, or are used to being able to sample. More than enough from every book and author was given to us to MORE than just pique our interest! I actually felt invested in some of the stories. Now there are some I 'need' to buy to finish reading! I LOVE this idea of this book! Thank you, publisher(s)!
When a book like this comes around, and it's not all that often, I highly suggest picking it up to read so you can get a good sampling of all the different authors' writing styles to see who you like, and you never know what book is going to grab hold of you. If you find a good match for you, then you've found GOLD! There's nothing better than that feeling!
While reading this book, it also gives us the ability to be able to download/purchase ANY of these books 'directly from this book' onto whatever e-reading device we use directly from Amazon. Prices all vary for these ebooks. These are also available in paperback most of the time as well. A few of the books are "Upcoming Releases" due out in October or November, 2013, but you CAN PRE-ORDER THESE NOW, too! I happen to do a LOT of pre-ordering and LOVE having the books automatically downloaded onto my Kindle! Yes, I am well aware of the dates they will be delivered, too! I look forward to it!
I have all the books that are included in this one listed below with it's title being a direct link to Amazon. Just click on the name of the book, and you're going to Amazon to check out the book!
The writing was very entertaining because all of the stories are so different. We even have vampires in this book, as you can see by one of the titles. In this book, it did not give us the complete title, just the beginning, so I was surprised to learn it was about Vampires! That, we were left out in the dark on. Some writing is better than others, but of course, my favorite author out of all of these authors is +Cora Carmack !
Here are the books:

1.  Wait for You by J Lynn - 3 Chapters - Available NOW!
2.  Losing It by Cora Carmack - 3 Chapters - Available NOW!
3.  Faking It (Losing It #2) by Cora Carmack - 2 Chapters - Available NOW!
4.  Finding It by Cora Carmack - 1 Chapter - Pre-Order for Release on October 1st, 2013
5.  The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire by Abigail Gibbs - 3 Chapters - Available NOW!
6.  Foreplay: The Ivy Chronicles by Sophie Jordan - 3 Chapters - Pre-Order for Release on November 5th, 2013
7.  Taking Chances by Molly McAdams - 3 Chapters - Available NOW!
8.  From Ashes by Molly McAdams - 3 Chapters - Available NOW!
9.  Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams - 2 Chapters - Pre-Order for Release on October 29th, 2013!
10. The Registry by Shannon Stoker - Prologue + 3 Chapters -

I have read +Cora Carmack 's "Losing It", and I am currently reading "Faking It". I did 'not know' she has a third book coming called "Finding It"!!! I was VERY delighted to know she is planning on that book!
You know how some bloggers talk about 'book boyfriends'? Well MY book boyfriend happens to be Garrick from Losing It! I LOVE that character!
I am not going to recap what each book was about, but what I am going to do is tell you what books I would 'not' enjoy.
I enjoyed every book, except two. The Vampire book is just not a genre I like to read, so I cannot say the writing was bad, in fact, I liked the chapters that were provided, but I know I would not like the entire book because it is something I do not like.
The other book I was not impressed with was dystopian, which I really enjoy!  The Registry. No, I'm sorry, but it seemed like a lot of detail was left out, leaving the story choppy. The best part of the book is when her sister tells her to look in the closet, she does, but the character never tells us what she found in the floorboard of that closet. Why not? It was vital to the story, but it was not included in the story line, yet it was talked about. It stated she did look, but it was so sketchy as to what she found, it did not say what was in it. This important part was one of the reasons this character was going to run away, but the author did not tell us what, from that floorboard, really pushed her to make her final decision to run. We know she does not want to get married off, but whatever it was in that closet is what made it vital for that character to do what she was going to do, I think? Without knowing, it's useless. This author missed the mark with this book.
The other thing I did not like about this book is the photo of the cover. There were no scenes that really fit this cover. I believe this cover was to trick you into reading it, thinking it had hot scenes all through it. In fact, the only really steamy part was actually somewhat of a rape scene, had it been allowed to play out, or at least it seemed that way. The girl was being choked as this guy was pushing himself on her. She, and us, the reader, was shocked. Her friend walking into her dorm room which stopped that. So no, the cover of this book does not fit the stories, in my opinion. Actually, I was kind of iffy as to whether or not I wanted this cover on my blog.
This is a book I picked up on my own because I have really been enjoying the New Adult genre. I'm glad I did. This gave me more to read by some authors I have not yet read. So these opinions expressed are completely of my own.
Thanks for reading this review!

Between the Covers the HOTTEST New Adult books from the HOTTEST NA authors!

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