Monday, September 3, 2012

The Boy Who Flew With Eagles by Ben Woodard - REVIEW by my SON!

The author, Ben Woodard, asked me in December 2011 to have my 14 year old son read this book over the Christmas holidays, and to tell him what he thought about the story. It was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This was an experiment as I was going to try to see if I could get my son to read this story and ask him to tell me about the story, as he does NOT like to read! It took us until now, which is the beginning of September 2012, for him to 'want' to read this book on my Kindle! He read it!! I'm SO excited and PROUD of him as HE asked me if he could read it! This came out of the blue! I asked my son if he would tell me what the book was about and I would type up what he said and it would be his FIRST REVIEW! He did it! (I'm SO proud of him!!!) So, this is what my son told me about this book, and I wrote down word for word what he said to me, just like writing a review, so here is my "SON'S REVIEW" of this book! (He's pretty happy about this, too!) So, here is my son's review!

The Boy Who Flew With Eagles by Ben Woodard


A boy gets stolen by an eagle (but I didn’t get exactly how the eagle got the boy), but it takes him to his nest and the eagle says he’s going to eat him. The boy tells the eagle he could make many meals out of other foods instead of the eagle eating him and the boy does so by catching food for the eagle. The boy caught other fish and salmon for the eagle so he could eat.
The Eagle said humans are taking all the salmon, so the boy told the people in the village that humans must share the salmon with the eagles.
This story was easy to understand and I like shorter stories like this one. I’m 14 and think younger kids like 12 years old and younger will like this story a lot.

About the Author:
 This is copied and pasted directly FROM AMAZON.

A spellbinding storyteller of high adventure, Ben has walked the Great Wall of China, hiked in Tibet, and climbed to 18,000 feet on Mt. Everest. And recently learned to surf in Hawaii.
Ben is active in SCBWI and a member of a local children's writing critique group. He is a former Marketing Manager for a major corporation and ran his own marketing consulting business. He started writing children's stories in 2008 and has written picture books, middle grade and young adult. Stories of adventure and wonder. Stories that inspire and educate, and, most of all, entertain.
Ben lives in Kentucky with his wife Lynda.


  1. So neat when you can get your kids involved!

  2. ruthhill74,
    Yes! I SO agree with you! It is GREAT when we can get our kids to READ, period! At least for my son! He is definitely NOT one who enjoys reading. To him it's like 'work', school, or homework. Might I also add it could also be like having a broken bone? LOL!
    I have tried RELENTLESSLY to get him to read MORE than words he might see on the television, or on the covers of ALL the books I have around my house! His Dad is a HUGE reader, too.! Although, he does not watch much TV, but prefers to be doing something, and that something is usually something outside. He is a very active teen who does not like to be cooped up inside the house at all, even if the weather is bad. He likes air soft guns, shooting targets, and outdoor sports. To be able to get him to sit still inside the house in the evenings is difficult. I can't say that it is all bad as he loves to 'live life', but, he could stand to learn even more by reading during the quiet moments in life. So I hope this is a start!
    He DID ask for a Kindle for his Birthday! I can't usually spend THAT much for a Birthday present - but maybe I can combine birthday/Christmas together! They are pretty close together. I want to see him read MORE on MY Kindle first before I commit to a Kindle, too. He also has to take better care of it. He left it on the floor several times. His bedroom is a MESS! I can just see it on the floor under clothing and bedding and then he steps on it. I think he needs to mature a little more, FIRST! OR, show more responsibility.
    HOPING he keeps this up!
    Thanks SO much for leaving the comment!
    I approached him with this book last Christmas. This last Saturday night he was playing with my Kindle. He came across the book and WANTED to read it! Woo-hoo! He laid on the floor SO quietly and read the story! I think that I will NEVER forget it!!! I was SOOOO HAPPY! FINALLY!!!

  3. It's awesome that he finally read the book on his own! Woo hooo!! As a mother of 24 and 19 sons, I can tell you that his room is never going to change and he probably won't ever be mature enough to get a kindle! lol...I can't tell you how many phones my two have lost, broken or whatever...sigh....and it's not like they get the cheapy track phones or something...Gd forbid!! No, they have to get the most expensive gizmos and gadgets on the market...iphone or what have you..sheeesh...Anyway....great review! Short and simple; and as it is a review of a kids book I think that any kid would want that type of review! Keep it short and simple and that will keep their attention! Keep working on him to read more Laurie. Hopefully getting him to be a reviewer will encourage him to read more, especially now that he has seen his first review in print!

  4. great idea to have your children involved, and get them not just reading but also learning to comment on what they've read, be able to criticise, and empathetically assess whether other people would enjoy reading it too!


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