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Man from Tennessee by Jennifer Greene - Review

Goodreads Synopsis:
Five years later, an accident brings Trisha back to Tennessee. No longer the shy, helpless girl she was, she keeps her composure when she comes face-to-face with the stranger she is still technically married to. Inside, however, her emotions are a riot of passion—and fear. Fear of falling for the man she loves once again...

My Take
This book was originally published back in 1983, and there was a lot of hype about it back then, and everyone seemed to be reading and talking about it! I remember this book because back when it was originally published there was a LOT of hype about it here where I live because it takes place very close to where I and many of my co-workers lived at that time. Everyone in the office then seemed to be reading this book and talking about it. 
Since I happen to live somewhat near where this story takes place, and when I saw it on NetGalley, I remembered this book's popularity after the original  publication was released, which seemed to be popular here around 1987-1988'ish. So, when I saw it, I HAD to grab it and read it since I didn't back then!  
Here in Michigan, Grosse Pointe is a city where some of 'the money' lives, which 'does' coincide with the book's description, especially Trish. A lot of doctors, lawyers, and anyone who has money and/or works in the surrounding areas, and/or wants to live in a very nice suburb of Detroit chooses to live here. Actually, Grosse Pointe butts right up to Detroit, and is included in the same county as Detroit, which is Wayne County. Grosse Pointe really 4 other sub-cities to it. They are:  Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Shores. The value of the homes in the sub-cities are not as valuable as in the actual actual city 'of' Grosse Pointe. There are a LOT of beautiful older homes that run throughout the city and along Jefferson Avenue, which is across the street from Lake Saint Clair. There are also many subdivisions across from the lake that wind in back of the homes that face the lake.
This book was written very well, and was engaging to read. I did enjoy reading it as it did pull you into the story, but the main characters' relationship, Trish and Kern Lower, was very strained. These characters were married, but not living together as the story begins. Trish was swept off her feet and married Kern when she was only 19. 
When she originally  moved to Tenessee, as Kern owned property in there, she did try living there, but for the city girl she was at heart, this was not the place for her as Kern left out a lot of detail about his dreams versus the reality that their life would be living in The Smokey Mountains.
When a tragedy occurred, it brought Trish, and her mother-in-law (who also lived back in Michigan) back to Tennessee, back to Kern.
When she first arrived and saw Kern, I did not feel as if Kern was very nice to Trish, which is understandable. He seemed mean and stand-off'ish, although I could understand where he was coming from, but, he was not so nice because he accused her of dating other men, among other things. You could tell he was very angry with her. (Why they never divorced was not really covered in detail, which I thought needed a little more explanation for, but wasn't given. This was different.) With Trish only being 19, I guess I could see where she would not be so happy with a man who was not completely honest with her about where she would be living and the kind of life she would have, not to mention she was very young. Trish had completely uprooted her life to make a huge move to another state to learn what she was promised was not even there? This is when Trish left Kern and moved back to Michigan and resumed her life as if she was never even married. She eventually ended up with a job making very good money and was happy living in Michigan, the home she knew and loved. Until now, back in Tennessee, with Kern, she has to face what she did years ago. Did she do the right thing back then by leaving? Did she do the right thing by coming back? She found out she still felt a little spark for Kern when she finally saw him after all this time had passed. She decides to do some sightseeing of the area, and goes to Gatlinburg, which is a very famous tourist town near where her husband is living. She is finding she is enjoying this much more so than she originally thought.
Through all the bumps and hurdles she and Kern have to make if they want to get back together, they must work through a lot. Trish learns she does still feel her heart skip that extra beat for Kern, and the attraction she initially felt towards him is still there. She musters up her now more mature self, and her and Kern work on trying to get that strained relationship back together. 
This story was definitely different from the regular contemporary romances I am used to, but readable and enjoyable, as I did finish the book. 

I received this book for FREE from Carina Press through NetGalley through their Book Review Program in exchange to read this book and write a review about it. It is NOT required for this review to be either positive or negative, but, of my own honest opinion. “Free” means I was NOT provided with ANY MONIES to read this book nor to write this review, but to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading the book. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

About the Author:

Jennifer Greene's Website: This photo depicts only a FEW of the MANY books she has written! If you go to her website, you will be astonished at the number of books she has written! There are a ton of photos of all of the books she has had published.
This "Bio and Awards" about Jennifer Greene I have here is copied and pasted directly from her website. I think this might just be a little known author because at her website I see she has written a LOT of books! Wow! There are just too many books and awards to list here, so I suggest you go to her website if you are interested in seeing ALL the books she has written! You will also see listed ALL the awards she has received as well. Here is the info I found about her from her website:

Alison sold her first book in 1980, and since then has sold over 85 books in the contemporary romance genre.  She won her first professional writing award from RWA, a “Silver Medallion” in 1984, followed by over 20 nominations and awards—including achieving RWA’s HALL OF FAME status, and the most coveted Nora Roberts LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.  Alison has regularly been on a variety of bestseller lists, and has written for Harlequin, Avon,
Berkley and Dell.  Her books have sold all over the world in over 20 languages.  She also accumulated a number of pseudonyms—most recognizably JENNIFER GREENE, but also JEANNE GRANT and JESSICA MASSEY.  
She was born in Michigan, started writing stories in 7th grade, and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in English and Psychology.  The University honored her with their “Lantern Night Award”, a tradition developed to honor fifty outstanding women graduates each year.  Exploring issues and concerns for women today is what first motivated her to write, and she has long been an enthusiastic and active supporter of women’s fiction, which she 
believes is an unbeatable way to reach out and support other women.  
Alison lives in Michigan, just a short distance from Lake Michigan, with her husband Lar.

Man From Tennessee

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