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The Book Blogger Hop! 9-14 to 9-20-12

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Well, this is usually done on Friday, but, I had two doctors' appointments that day that were very far away. It took my husband and I the entire day, and with my neuro disease, I was wiped OUT! I think I slept Saturday away! One lost day of my life! LOL!
So I say, 'BETTER LATE THAN NEVER for this post!

So, the question this week is:

Highlight one of your favorite reviews from the past month!

My favorite review this last month (since Friday was the 14th!) goes to August 14th, 2012, is definitely "Slammed" by Colleen Hoover because it  that book was absolutely BUTTERFLYING AMAZING! WOW! I have NOT read a book that sucked me in SO much quite like that book did in a LONG time! It was breathtaking! The pace of the story and the surprises were STUNNING!
If any of you out there have read this book, or this SERIES, because Book 2 is "Point of Retreat", you KNOW what I am talking about! OMGosh! A love story like NO other, EVER have I read!
There was a movie about Prince William and Princess Kate and their courtship. It was a GREAT movie! One of the things I LOVED about it was a game they played. It was called "Never Have I Ever . . . " At first I couldn't really catch onto the meaning of that game, until I read this book! That phrase popped into my head, and it went like this: NEVER have I EVER read a book quite like this AMAZING story! Wow!
I would LOVE to get inside Colleen Hoover's head just to see and hear what she's thinking as she's connecting and building a story inside! Wow! She can WRITE! She can write with such passionate characters that get into your bloodstream and take you away to their world! You can feel what these characters do and WISH you could be them for a time! She just blew me AWAY with these books! It's no wonder Simon and Schuster came along and bought them from her! Yes! An Indie Author got bought out by a BIG Publishing House! 
This is a book for ALL ages to read! I am a lot of years old, and FAR beyond my first and only love, but, the feelings were STILL CAME ALIVE for me, at least the way Colleen Hoover writes! BUTTERFLYING AMAZING!
You can read my review of this book here: "Slammed" by Colleen Hoover  I HAVE read the 2nd book, as a matter of fact, I read it the day after I finished Slammed! I HAD to! It's called "Point of Retreat", and the review is almost done! I WILL have it posted this week!
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Slammed: A Novel by Colleen Hoover
Re-Releasing on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012! *Pre-Order NOW!
Print Book: $9.70
Ebook:       $7.99

Point of Retreat: A Novel by Colleen Hoover
Re-Releasing on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 *Pre-Order NOW!
Print Book: $9.39
Ebook:       $7.99

Now, go on over to Crazy for Books to see the HUGE list of ALL the other Blogs that are participating in this Book Blogger Hop through this Thursday, September 20th, 2012! The next day, Friday, September 21st, 2012, starts a NEW Question for us Bloggers to answer! Have fun reading and hopping!


  1. I love your enthusiasm for the book! I'll have to see if I can find a copy.
    Here's my hop post.

    1. Hi Rina!
      Thanks for coming by my blog!
      May I suggest something? I would HIGHLY recommend you reading "Slammed" by Colleen Hoover, FIRST. Same author, just this book is Book 2. This book will make more of an impact, a big PUNCH, if you read the first one first! Don't worry, it will take you only HOURS to read each one because you will be SO GLUED to the story!
      Yes, I AM VERY enthusiastic about these 2 books because they were SPECTACULAR! The BEST that I've read in a while!
      At first, I'll be honest about this, I wasn't to sure I would like a book that had poetry in it, especially Slam poetry, as I didn't know what it was! I think that is what REALLY got me! I NEEDED to KNOW what Slam Poetry was! I had never heard of it, and the more I saw this book on other blogs, saw the author's Tweets, (she is on Twitter ALL the time!) the MORE interest I got about the book. So I bought Slammed as an ebook. I was reading it and sent the author a Tweet about the book and HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!!! She was SO KIND in sending me a copy of Book 2, this one, "Point of Retreat"! After I finished both, I again tweeted Colleen and told her, "Now I know why you sent me a copy of Point Of Retreat! You KNEW I would HAVE to read Book 2 IMMEDIATELY after I was done with Slammed! She laughed!
      Yes, I LOVED these books! They ARE on my Best of 2012 list!
      I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Let me know if you do like them when you are done! I'd LOVE to know!
      My email is laurieisreading at gmail dot com I'd LOVE to know if these books made an impact on you, too!
      Thanks for coming by my blog, and especially thank you for leaving a comment! I've been trying to get my Readers more involved in leaving comments, and you did! HUGE thanks! Here's to reading!

  2. New follower via GFC. Great site. I like what you review. Check out my blog at Thanks in advance

  3. I like your description...BUTTERFLY AMAZING. Cute.

    Silver's Reviews

    1. Hi Elizabeth!
      OH!!! Butterflying Amazing! Yes, that saying has a special meaning from the book!!! That saying is in Point of Retreay, Book 2. Wow!!! After you get the chance to read it, you will understand! OH, MY!! I can't even describe it! You need to know the whole story behind it to get it!!! Wow! It TRULY IS a GREAT, even beyond that! Wow! I know I keep on sounding syrupy about it, but it is so worth reading it! Some of it is so shocking! Some of it is comforting. Some of it is sad, and a LOT of it is happy! It's a GREAT book!
      Thank you for leaving a comment! I'm LOVING this Book Blogger Hop!!! I will be visiting MORE blogs this week! I'll have more time this weekend! Looking forward to it! Looking forward to seeing your blog, too! I think I've been to your blog before, too! Loved it! ALL blogs are AWESOME!! We ALL put SO MUCH WORK into them! We really do!
      Take care for now! Till we talk next time!


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