Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Into Reading 2012 - September 22nd to December 21st, 2012

Here it is! Time for the "Fall Into Reading 2012" Reading Challenge sponsored by Callapidder Days! If you click on the name of her blog there, it will take you to the page where the LINKY list is posted. I'm not positive if this is the page where it all takes place, but if need be, I'll come back and edit this so YOU can go and see what everyone is doing!
Here are the rules of the hop, which is COPIED AND PASTED from her blog:

Here’s a brief recap of how to be a part of Fall Into Reading 2012:

  • Make a list of books you want to read (or finish reading) this fall. Your list can be as long or as short as you’d like.
  • Write a blog post containing your list and submit it to this post using the Mr. Linky below.
  • Get reading! The challenge goes from today, September 22nd, through December 21st.
  • Check out other participants’ lists and add to your own to-read-someday pile, if you wish!
  • Write a post about your challenge experience in December, telling us all about whether you reached your goals and how Fall Into Reading went for you. But remember: this is a low-pressure challenge that should be fun.

Okay! Here is 'my' LONG list of books I have on my TBR list! I'm HOPING to get to ALL of them! I really wanted to do a nice post with the photos of the books with them, but time constraints today! I've already done several posts today, and have one more to do yet, so the photos will have to wait and go along with my reviews! I'll just be posting a list here now with the titles and the authors! I may surprise myself with the number of books I have! We'll see! These are NOT in ANY particular order, and I am also waiting on some titles from NetGalley to see if I can get them to read! One guess as to what they are? Christmas books! I also may have a few Indie Authors I have books from 'if' I can get to them as well. If I don't, I may end up doing a post on 'About the Book' and have an Author Interview or Author Guest Post, as well. I LOVE Indie Authors and LOVE to help support them, too! ALL authors pretty much started out that way! So, here's to the Indie Authors!

Here goes! This is my list!

First, Some Christmas Books:
1.    The Christmas Star by Ace Collins
2.    The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury
3.    An Amish Gift by Cynthia Keller
4.    Christmas in Apple Ridge by Cindy Woodsmall (have to buy this one yet)

Amish Reading:
5.    *DONE!!* The Memory Jar by Tricia Goyer
6.    Accidentally Amish by Olivia Newport
7.    The Struggle (A Kentucky Brothers) Wanda E Brumstetter
8.    The Mercy by Beverly Lewis
9.    *DONE!!*  Life with Lilly by Mary Anne Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher
10.  The Haven, (A Stoney Ridge Seasons) by Suzanne Woods Fisher (Note to self: need to buy this one yet.)
11.  Material Witness by Vanessa Chapman
12.  A Home for Lydia by Vanetta Chapman

(I am in an Amish Challenge, and I think this will take care of ALL my Amish books I am supposed to read! I think that Challenge has 15 Amish Books to read for it. I alwahs LOVE to read about the Amish! I have some of my favorite authors, too! However, Melody Carlson is one of my favorite authors, too, and I saw she has an Amish Christmas book, too. I should grab that book while I can!
Thanks for reading this LONG list! Here are the rest:

13.  Longing by Karen Kingsbury
14.  Deception in Paradise by Deborah Brown
15.  *DONE!!*  The Color of Tea by Hanah Tunnicliffe
16.  South by Southeast by Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due
17.  *DONE!!*  The Reluctant Bachelorette by Rachael Renee Anderson
18.  The Unwords by The Unauthor
19.  Suzy's Case by Andy Siegel
20.  1222 by Anne Holt
21.  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
22.  *DONE!!*  Sister Wives by Cody Brown and his Wives (The Polygamist family that I've watch on TV on TLC - The Learning Channel - and although I struggle to understand it, I did buy this book because I am curious as to HOW the wives can 'share' a husband? Not to mention, they have 17 children, and with the purchase of the book, it would help to buy their book and to help in that way.

I LOVE some of the other shows on that station, too, such as 19 Kids and Counting, United Bates of America, The Little Couple, and my MOST favorite, Little People, Big World! Every family on this earth has struggles, but these people embrace life, and the ones with disabilities (I have one, so perhaps that is what attracts me to some of the shows?) really make a wonderful life with what they have been given! Oh! Plus the NEW show, Abby and Britney! The conjoined twins. It's super neat to watch how they work together!
I might be in a few Book Tours, but I won't know until I am notified. Once notified, I'll add them to the list with an update.

I HOPE to get to read ALL of these books! I know I CAN. We have 13 weeks, and if anyone was to read two books a week, which is the norm for me, that would be a total of 26 books. No problem, right?!  

EDIT - As of November 22nd, 2012 - These are additional books I have read due to Book Tours, or books I've received from authors, or even from NetGalley and other sources which I have obtained over the course of this Challenge that I had to read, in addition too these that are listed above. I was not planning on reading these, but am VERY grateful I did have the opportunity to! I'll have to come back with ALL my books and post the review links to ALL of the books! So these books ARE READ! *DONE!!*

1.         Courting Cate by Tricia Goyer
2.         A Merry Little Christmas by Anita Higman
3.         Song for Papa Crow by Marit Menzin
4.         After the Snow Falls by Carey Jane Clark
5.         Midnight Cravings - Book One of The Eternal Dead Series by Joelle Sterling - This book is WAY OUT of my genre! The Publisher did NOT make clear what this book was about, and it upset me VERY much!
6.        Don't Let Me Go by Catherine Ryan Hyde (Author of Pay It Forward)
7.        Debt Proof Your Christmas: Celebrating the Holidays without Breaking the Bank by Mary Hunt

A "Christmas Book Giveaway Hop" scheduled for December 1st to December 7th, 2012! Mark your calendars, make sure you follow me on Twitter @laurieisreading - or scroll up above to my Twitter widget, and make sure you are following me! MORE INFO TO COME! You can also watch Kathy's site, and her link, the name of her blog, is just below in purple! I asked if we could partner together, and she said yes! I'm SO excited!
The *name* IS subject to change!
Christmas books are one of my FAVORITE books to read, and to collect! I have been VERY interested in partnering with someone to do a Christmas Book Giveaway Hop with! So I asked Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer if she would partner with me! Guess what? She said YES! So, it will be a "CHRISTMAS BOOK" GIVEAWAY HOP"! The 'name is subject to change!' I am SO VERY excited about this! It will take place on December 1st to December 7th, 2012. It will be a giveaway of Christmas Books! You will give one, two, or however many, or maybe even an ornament with a book as a giveaway prize during those dates! Most all of you know how those work!
"I" am working on a photo for it now. Then I will have to learn HOW to add the HTML coding to it! I may need HELP! I've NEVER done this before!

Make SURE to mark your calendars!!! I would be HONORED for ALL of you to participate in it!

Stay tuned for MORE information to come! The photo for the Hop, and further directions, etc! I hope you will ALL join in with Kathy and myself! Thanks! I am SO looking forward to this!


  1. Good luck with the challenge, looks like you've got a nice variety =) I'm a new follower via GFC.

  2. Hi Rinn!
    Thanks for becoming a NEW Follower! I'm SO glad to have you! You must be in the challenge, too! I have not gotten there today as my son was home all day and I was busy with him, and HE had the computer! LOL! I'll have to click on your name and find your blog then see what you are going to be reading! I LOVE this Challenge because it REALLY gets me to accomplish my goals! It can be hard when it gets nearer the holidays! Especially with the Hallmark Xmas movies! I'm a SUCKER for the Xmas movies! LOL!!!
    Yes, I like the variety of books I chose to read! One of my FAVORITE things to read are Christmas books, especially when the season gets near and the weather is cold out! Although I'm excited to get to ALL of the books! I wish we had MORE hours in a day, but don't we ALL! Hours without getting tired where we can devote COMPLETELY to reading! LOL! SO glad you left a comment! Thank you!
    Looking forward to seeing what you are going to be reading!
    See you at your blog, Rinn!
    Again, thanks for stopping by and becoming a new follower!

  3. Best of luck on your Fall reading. I enjoyed 1222 by Anne Holt. Gone Girl is on my list as well.

    1. Hi Nise',
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I'll admit that I have snuck in a few pages of 1222 by Anne Holt and it IS good so far! I can't imagine how she's going to get out and about being stuck in the wheelchair? Hmmm?
      WAY cool that Gone Girl is on your list, too! I think we are BOTH going to like that one! I'll have to find you in the linky list and see everything you are going to be reading!
      Thanks again for stopping by!

  4. You have a fun list!! I didn't think of adding any Christmas books to my list. :) Happy reading!!

    1. Hi Cassandra!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, too! Yes, I like the list! Having fun already reading them!
      It is easy right now to forget about Christmas, but knowing the end of this challenge is Dec 21st, I KNEW I HAD to include some Christmas reading! I LOVE Christmas stories! Some of my favorites!
      IF you are interested in participating, December 1 thru the 7th, in a "Christmas Book Giveaway Hop", I am Co-Hosting it with Kathy at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer! I'm SO excited about that hop to see what ALL the blogs are giving away! If you would like to participate, you sign up for it and do a post on the first day showing what you are going to give away. You leave it up for the entire length of the hop, and it can be on a separate page like I do them, and people hop to ALL the blogs to enter! There should be a LOT of blogs to hop to and enter to win some Christmas reading! Also, YOU can join in and have a giveaway, too!
      Send me an email if you would like to do this as we don't have the linky form up YET at laurieisreading at gmail dot com.
      Now I have to find your blog and see what you are going to be reading!
      Thanks again for stopping by!
      Happy Reading to you, too!

  5. Wow, Laurie. That's an impressive list! It seems that lots of people are reading Gone Girl this fall. I love that you're also reading Christmas books. I always forget about that. :) Enjoy your fall reading, and thanks for being part of the challenge!

    1. Hi Katrina!
      Thank you for having this Challenge! I LOVE these! Yes, I think "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn is going to be quite a read! Can't wait to get to it! Adam, at Roofbeam Reader was SO KIND that he RAK'd me with it! I'm in heaven! I've been wanting to read this since it came out!
      Talking about Christmas books, I will be Co-Hosting a "Christmas Book Giveaway Hop" with Kathy at I am a Reader, Not a Writer from Dec 1st to Dec 7th, so if you would like to participate in giving away a Christmas book, send me an email as I'm working on the photo for it as we speak! It should be a FUN hop! laurieisreading at gmail dot com is my addy you can contact me at until we get the linky up!
      Thanks SO much for stopping by and leaving aa comment! I need to check out and see what you are going to be reading!


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