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NYT Best Seller List TOP 15


New York Time Best Seller List
Combined Print and Ebook Fiction
The Top 15
Week ending May 26th, 2012

Book Price:   $9.57
Kindle Price: $9.99

What is wrong with this picture? WHY do the KINDLE Editions on Best Sellers, it seems, and even New Releases, the COST MORE?  The Kindle edition is a FILE!!! The Book version is something Amazon will probably have to ship out with FREE SHIPPING! They'll LOSE money on that! AMAZON made the Kindle, they want us to BUY Kindle books, Amazon has the POWER to SET THE PRICE, (this is due to a court settlement in which certain Publishers MUST ALLOW "ANY" Retailer to set the Kindle edition prices for a period of two years.) WHY does it cost more? "START COMPLAINING AND TELLING AMAZON WE WANT A "FAIR PRICE"!! This is the ONLY thing that will help us ALL if we want to read on the Kindle. In MY opinion: KINDLE books should cost LESS! It's a FILE!!! Amazon is pricing the Kindle OUT, IN MY OPINION! I REFUSE to purchase a Kindle Edition when it is priced HIGHER THAN THE PHYSICAL COPY OF THE BOOK!  I'm fed up with this pricing!
I will be listing Amazon's prices of the books. YOU compare them. I've STOPPED PURCHASING KINDLE NEW RELEASES AND BEST SELLERS UNTIL they can LOWER the prices and AT LEAST make it the SAME AS THE BOOK PRICES! Even then, they are MAKING HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY! Even with a Kindle book being priced a FEW dollars SHORT of a physical book, I REFUSE TO DO IT! I will NOT PAY $12.99 ACROSS THE BOARD so it seems, for an efile! One other thing. EVERY few months when a slew of New Releases do come out, WHY DOES THE KINDLE PRICE INCREASE BY $2-$3? Since having my Kindle, I have watched them rise from $9.99 to $11.00 and NOW to $12.99! WHY? 
 Sorry, my "rant 'n rave" this week!

Book Price:    $9.57
Kindle Edition $9.99 

3. Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (50 Shades Trilogy) by E L James
Book Price:      $9.57
Kindle Edition: $9.99 

4. Stolen Prey by John Sanford
Book Price:      $14.01
Kindel Edition: $12.99  

5. 11th Hour (Women's Murder Club) by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Book Price:  $16.79
Kindle Edition - First 70 pages are FREE. 
AFTER the first 70 pages, you NEED TO BUY the rest of the book! Amazon does NOT list the Kindle Edition Price! I searched EVERYWHERE for it! Couldn't find it. It's a nice little trick that James Patterson OR his Publisher, or Amazon - who knows who is doing this, is doing. I don't like it! I would NEVER read this little freebie to get me hooked into reading the entire book! Legally, they really should be UP FRONT WITH THE PRICE and NOT allowed to play this little game that this author's books ALWAYS SEEM TO DO! Think of it this way - do YOU want to pay $16.79 for the KINDLE edition?

6. Fifty Shades Trilogy: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed 3-volume Boxed Set by E L James
Book Price:   $28.71
Kindle Price: $29.99

7. The Columbus Affair: A Novel by Steve Perry
Book Price       $16.20
Kindle Edition: $12.99  

8. The Innocent by David Baldacci
Book Price:      $18.47
Kindle Edition: $12.99  

9. The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy, Book 2)  

Book Price:      $9.60
Kindle Edition: $9.99

10.Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 12) (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) by Charlaine Harris
Book Price:      $15.15
Kindle Edition: $12.99

11.On the Island by Tracey L Garvis Graves
Book Price:      $11.99
Kindle Edition: $  2.99 

12.The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
Book Price:      $7.99
Kindle Edition: $7.99 

13.The Witness by Nora Roberts
Book Price:      $17.76
Kindle Edition: $12.99 

14.The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst
Book Price:      $9.49
Kindle Edition: $2.99 

15.A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1) by George R. R. Martin
Book Edition:   $10.36
Kindle Edition: $  8.86 

There we have our TOP 15 Best Sellers!
Yes, I did get on pricing a little this morning, HOWEVER, according to what I read in a news article, that 3 of the TOP publishers agreed to ALLOW Retailers the ability to adjust Kindle prices, and I have NOT SEEN THIS HAPPEN YET!
I would NEVER purchase a Kindle Edition File Format of a book for my Kindle that costs MORE than the physical /paper edition! Why? A Kindle version is a computer file that can disappear, POOF! ALL GONE! WHY would I purchase something for such a HIGH price when I cannot hold it in my hands? I cannot access it EVER unless "I" have an electronic device! That's 'my' issue with these sky HIGH Kindle prices! My other issue is this: I cannot SEE I have this book! Do you know how MANY books I have on my Kindle? I NEED the Cloud to store them all! I have bought some Best Sellers I have been DYING to read, and I can't remember what the names were now! IF I had the book, that would not be a problem. 
Anyway, when a book and the Kindle version cost the same OR MORE, I get my feathers ruffled! I think we ALL should! Kindle versions should cost LESS. NOT because they are any less than in quality, but the VERSION IS DIFFERENT! 
Remember when VHS Movie tapes came out? Back then you could run into movies that cost $70 or MORE dollars, so we rented them! No one would pay that amount of money for ANY movie! Thus, the Video Rental store was born. Are we now NOT to purchase books in the Kindle file format and 'borrow them from libraries'? I don't think the authors of the books would like this at all. 
What DO we do about the prices of the Kindle books?
This has been the question all along. From the day the Kindle publishing was born and 99 cent books came out. How do we price the Kindle books that makes EVERYONE happy?
If you'd like to leave a comment, I, and the other Reader's, would LOVE to hear what YOU have to say! I hope you do for all of us!
Thanks for reading the Top 15 this Sunday!
Happy Memorial Day! 

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